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Last Minute Present Shopping:Gift Ideas for Every Child

30th Mar 2016

As a busy parent, you juggle many duties at once. You have soccer practices, bake sales, carpools, and the never ending list goes on to eternity. Your life gets busy fast. So sometimes you forget one of your child’s friend’s birthday.


For those rare occasions of last minute scrambling, you need some gift ideas.  Let us offer some suggestions.

Tips: Evaluate how much you know about this child. Ask your child for insight into what Mary usually enjoys doing, or get more details about little Bill’s personality. It is better to give a more personalized gift than a generic toy.


Puzzles take patience and persistence, so they may not excite most children. However, the benefits associated with puzzles make them a great gift and learning tool. Studies have proven that puzzles help improve both emotional and cognitive abilities.

Encourage the child to play with their puzzle by offering a reward for completing it. Ex.reward: Offer to take them out for ice cream with your child after they finish the jigsaw puzzle.

Pick the puzzle based on the child’s age and level of commitment. Younger children may not have the patience for a jigsaw puzzle but they might enjoy putting together a building block puzzle or LEGOS.

Crayon Set

Children enjoy being creative and crayons inspire creativity. Do not just hand a child a box of generic crayons, but look for a more extensive kit. Look for a set with every type of crayon in the rainbow. Include a few coloring books, to get them started, and some blank drawing pads. Encourage the child to draw you pictures.

Customized Toys

Find discounted toys on Etsy and other customizable craft shops. Speak with a toy or stuffed animal designer to inquire about pricing for customized toys. The prices can range anywhere from $10 to over $1000. Buy something within your budget and based on your relationship with the child.

Generally, a cheap option is to buy a regular stuffed animal, and then add clothing and accessories based on the child’s personality. Build-A-Bear is a great place to shop for this type of present. They also often have discounts on sites such as Groupon, so look for options within your budget.

Treat Basket

Ask the child’s parents about their dietary restrictions before buying this option. Next, either plan the treat basket based on their personal favorites, or order from a specialty gift basket and treat shop. Consider a site like Cheryl’s, which offers coupons and has a lot of options.

Understanding the child’s personality is the key to finding the perfect gift for any child. Even if unfamiliar with him, speak to their parents about gift options. It’ll make buying easier, and help you decide which of our suggestions work best for the child.

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