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West Coast Travel Destinations For the Avid Beach Lover

28th Mar 2016

For many travelers and beach lovers, the West Coast is the place to go on vacation. The weather, the culture, the food, the music, the entertainment – pockets of the best of the best all tend to gravitate along that leftward edge of the country, so if that’s your focus, then your next job is going to be deciding which of the many places out there is your travel destination.


Five classic targets might include West Coast resort towns, rooms for rent along the beach, San Francisco options, Los Angeles places of interest, and even down toward Mexico for those of you looking for more of the Hispanic influence in and around town.

West Coast Resort Towns

Choosing West Coast resort towns is one way to make sure that you have some advantages when it comes to overall decision making. Because resort professionals and resort companies have so much experience and incorporate so much of the idea of a vacation into the framework of their options, many times a simple decision to use that resort will be the only decision you have to make. Everything else will be taken care of!

Rooms For Rent

For the traveler who just wants to be close to the beach and doesn’t have many responsibilities, or perhaps just wants to save money, some time in an Airbnb rental or even Craigslist couch surfing option can be the perfect way to get exactly what you want. This is probably not the best option for couples or families, but for students on a budget or just a day-traveler, this is an option that takes care of a lot of details that have been frustrating in the past.

San Francisco Options

San Francisco has some beautiful beaches, but just beware, if you haven’t been there before that the weather may not be as warm as you would imagine! The northern and southern halves of California have entirely different weather patterns, so go by the hard data available, rather than what you just believe in your head.

Los Angeles Magic

Los Angeles has a million awesome things to do in the city, and then by heading west you’ll eventually hit the coast and the beach. For this particular excursion, it might be better to scope out the area first, as LA is gigantic, but once you have the lay of the land, the options are great!

Down Toward Mexico

And finally, the further south you get toward Mexico, the more culturally diverse your beach experience is going to be, so heading down toward the Tijuana area is going to give you a completely different experience than hanging out even in an area like San Diego.

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