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Why your kids will love Sri Lanka

23rd Mar 2018

Credit: Garret Clarke on Flickr

It’s a big decision to go on holiday with the kids to a country so far away and so different from the world that the little ones know. Yes, for them, there is a whole new world out there across the ocean. It is an adventure and it is as scary as it is exciting, but not to worry, Sri Lanka is a wonderful island with heartwarming people and it’s easy to get around, even with kids. You can stay in a Sri Lanka villa to acclimatise at your own pace, slowly adapting to the heat and the exotic Sri Lankan culture. The kids will love having their own swimming pool to dip into and having a private kitchen for your usage also comes in handy when the kids are craving for something familiar. From here, you can explore the island. Here are 5 reasons why your kids will love Sri Lanka:

1. Spotting their favourite animals

What kid doesn’t dream of seeing leopards in the wild or getting up close to the big and wise elephants? Sri Lanka is home to several amazing national parks where these wild animals roam in their natural habitat. Families can safely go on safari to spot not only leopards and elephants but also deer, monkeys, water buffaloes, lizards and crocodiles. It is a true adventure the kids will remember for all of their life. If not exploring the lands, go explore the water where you make close encounters with turtles, dolphins and whales. In Mirissa, you can go on a Whale Watching tour and in Hikkaduwa, you can visit a turtle hatchery. Check out villas near these places in the south of Sri Lanka here.

2. Beautiful beaches

The rugged coastline of Sri Lanka is full of beautiful beaches and bays with soft white sands and gorgeous blue sea. There are beaches with waves, where older kids can join in for a surfing lesson and there are calm waters for exploring the underwater world with snorkeling gear. Kids will also love to just play in the waves swim in calm waters and dig holes and build sandcastles on the beach. Parents can keep a watchful eye from the distance, suntanning and cocktail sipping.

3. Train-ride through the tea plantations

Trains always have a certain attraction to children and the train-ride through the highlands of Sri Lanka will amaze them! Hanging out the window, feeling the wind in their hair and gazing at the stunning view of verdant tea plantations,it is a once-in-a-lifetime-experience and the coolest train-ride ever! Definitely a must-do activity while traveling around in Sri Lanka with kids.

4. The Tuk Tuk’s

These cool and fast three-wheelers are quite fun to see and to go for a ride in. In Sri Lanka, they’re everywhere, taking you from A to B in no time. Make sure the meter is on or agree on a price beforehand and off you go. Surely kids will love sitting in the back of these tiny toys-look-alike vehicles, feeling the wind blow and gazing at the daily Sri Lankan life. Riding a Tuk Tuk is like having the best seat on the carousel but this one doesn’t just go around in circles, this one drive around in the real world, and it’s super fun and exciting!

5. The Sri Lankan people

The people of Sri Lanka are super friendly and they love children! You can expect big smiles, welcoming gestures and lots of nice attention for your little ones. It’s a great way for your kids to get introduced to a different culture. It might be a bit overwhelming at first, but their little hearts, too, will melt!


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