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Why To Purchase Kenmore Elite Washer And Dryer?

3rd Jul 2019

Irrespective of the type of washer and dryer you need, Kenmore washers and dryers can fulfill all your needs. The brand, exclusively sold by Sears includes different types of washer and dryer models divided evenly between top-loading and front-loading machines. And the product line of this washer ranges from expensive front loaders to no-frills budget washers outfitted with some new and fancy features.

The Kenmore elite washer and dryer feature the most updated technology, which is designed to keep the clothes clean while enhancing the total amount of laundry that can be done in a single load and reducing the total amount of water that is used every time when the device is turned on.

Apart from standard washing cycles that are included in most of the front load washers, the washers and dryers of Kenmore elite come with rugged cycles for the grounded-in dirt on the thick fabrics like denim, bulky cycles for washing big things like bedding, and workout wear cycle for exercise clothes that are usually made of synthetic, stretchy materials.

Here are the details of the operating instructions for Kenmore elite washers and dryers:

  1. Open the lid of the wash and dryer and then put in a load of laundry. The load must be sorted by colors to prevent bleeding colors. Evenly distribute this load in the container for preventing the washer from getting unbalanced. Never overfill the washer with clothes.
  2. Next, put a certain amount of laundry detergent into the dispenser located on top of the container of the clothes. For washing clothes, you can put either powdered detergent or liquid into the dispenser.
  3. Add bleach to the container of bleach in case you are washing white clothes. Directly add liquid bleach into the dispenser, not on the clothes inside or not inside the water. The bleach would disperse during the wash cycle at the appropriate time. In case you want to add a fabric softener in your clothes, then add it into the fabric softener dispenser.
  4. Close the lid of the washer, make it sure that no clothes are preventing the lid from getting fully closed or no clothes are sticking out. Then press the “power” button located on the control panel of the washer and dryer to turn the display on and to start programming.
  5. Turn the cycle dial on to the right wash setting. These wash settings are listed by the load type that you are planning to wash. For instance, dark or white colors. Then press the right modifier button like “water level” or “soil level” for changing the settings. Settings of every modifier are highlighted by the selected option with a green light.
  6. Next press “start” button to start washing immediately or press “delay start” in case you want to start washing later. By pressing the “start” button, you will get to see the total time that is left in the washing cycle. On the other hand, by pressing “delay start”, you will get to see how much time is left until the washer begins its operation.

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