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Who are Most at Risk from EMF Exposure? What You should Know

9th May 2017

If one would tell you that you are at risk of becoming seriously ill when over-exposed to EMF, you may not think much of it. If one were able to tell, you however, that you are probably exposed to EMF at this very second, then you might reconsider.

Here’s the good news: scientists are paying more attention and there are plenty of things you can do to ensure your exposure to EMF remains at a minimum. Sounds confusing? Not to worry, everything is explained here. What exactly is EMF? Why is it harmful? And who are most at risk from EMF exposure? Are there any tools that can work as an EMF protection for home? Here’s what you should know.

What is EMF?

EMF stands for electromagnetic frequency – it’s a kind of radiation that has been around since time out of mind, but has only begun to make an impact in our lives recently due to our technological advances. Microwave ovens, mobile phones, the electrical grid; they all expose us to some extent to unnatural magnetic frequencies, and combined, they can harm us.

How does it harm us?

The electromagnetic frequencies that are emitted by the technological gadgets we find all around us (the microwave, the mobile phone, WiFi, etc) actually interfere with our natural biological systems. It can lead to aggressive cell generation, interruption of the nervous system and brain functionality, and so on. One way to protect yourself and your family is by investing in EMF blockers.

Additionally, homeowners can opt to have their homes inspected by a professional to see if EMF is a concern. By opting for EMF Surveys, homeowners can find out if their health is truly at risk and how to overcome any risks.

Who’s most at risk?

Though everyone is at risk, the weakest among us usually bear the brunt of the burden. Be careful and protect the following especially:

  • Children – The skin of children is not as thick as those of adults, and their brains are not as developed. Children are also more at risk because they tend to use EMF emitting devices (such as cell phones or computers) more frequently and without knowledge of the consequences.
  • Pregnant women – They bear an undeveloped child and need more sustenance; pregnant women need their bodies to function at the optimum level.
  • Elderly and disabled – Unfortunately, the elderly and the disabled have many struggles due to their age or condition; there’s no telling what extra unwanted radiation can do, and how it might affect them.
  • Office workers – EMF is all around an office, thus affecting office workers as well.

There’s one more factor that may influence the way you are affected by EMF, and that’s the area where you live. Look around your neighbourhood, and check for the following: underground or overhead wires that carry a lot of electrical voltage, electrical or electronic plants that have a large magnetic field, and so on. A simple test: bring out a compass and if it starts spinning around rather than pointing to the North, the EMF is really strong. Avoid it. It simply isn’t healthy. One tip: to protect yourself and your loved ones from cell phones, buy cell phone radiation protection products such as phone chips.

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