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Where to Take Your Kids on a Wildlife Vacation

25th Jan 2017

A family vacation is a great opportunity for you to spend some quality time with your kids and create cherished memories in the process. And while, according to recent American Express findings, an average family vacation costs almost $%4,600 for a family of four, people are willing to spend that money on something that they feel is important for their children.

Kids naturally love animals and you’ve probably heard about the numerous benefits of having a pet. Research from the University of Pennsylvania showed that companion animals help with everything from learning to overcoming allergies. However, no experience is as exciting as watching animals in their natural surroundings.

Therefore, if you want to expose your children to the nature and wildlife of our planet, you should consider visiting some of these places in the near future:

Galápagos – Kayaking with Sea Lions

Let’s start things of with probably the ultimate family destination of animal lover all across the world – the famous Galápagos Islands. This destination is packed with adventure opportunities like snorkeling and kayaking with beautiful sea lions.


In addition to watching and encountering the aforementioned sea lions, turtles and gain tortoises, your kids will also have an opportunity to learn something. Many guides will fascinate and teach your kids all about the Islands’ unusual landscape and the discoveries of Charles Darwin.

Greek Isles – No Cars Allowed

If you want to go on a holiday and escape the hassle and the non-stop noise of a big city, maybe try visiting the Greek Island of Hydra that doesn’t allow any cars. The island also boasts one of the most picturesque harbors in the world, where you could rent a 100-footer and take it for a cruise.


Of course, every boat comes with a crew, so you could take the advantage of the situation and ask the crew members to show you and your children the ropes. Most people who go on these cruises spend hours and hours learning how to navigate, steer and trim sheets.

South Africa – Flying Above the Victoria Falls

What kid doesn’t dream of taking a safari one day? Thankfully, South Africa allows you and your family to see leopards, buffalo, rhinos, leopards and lions (the so-called Big Five) in their natural habitats. You can also bring a wireless trail camera and take amazing pictures of Africa’s unique flora and fauna.


In addition to exploring the Kruger National park from the safety of a safari vehicle, you also hit one the country’s beautiful beaches filled with penguins. And if you want to take a break from nature, you could simply go and visit the history-rich cites of Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Nicaragua – Hike up a Volcano

Today, Nicaragua is just like Costa Rica 30 years ago – an easy-to-reach Central American country with practically no tourists. Even though it has far less national parks than its more famous neighbor, the country is really, really safe, and you want any crowds anywhere in the country.


So if you visit Nicaragua this summer, you can’t miss the opportunity to go and hike up the Ometepe. The inactive volcano is a completely different world – frozen in time. After a couple of days of hiking, you should also go and paddle among ringed kingfishers and small volcanic islands on Lake Nicaragua.

Final Thoughts

And those are just a couple of exciting places you could visit this summer. The point of this article is quite simple – instead of a boring old vacation, try to treat your kids to a chance to have a closer look at wild animals and nature. They’ll definitely experience something more exciting than ever before and remember the trip for the rest of their lives.


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