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Where To Bike Ride in Upstate New York This Fall

22nd Sep 2020

The large spaces of upstate New York are great for hiking, kayaking and biking. As the weather trends cooler and the hardwood forests turn pretty shades of scarlet, orange and yellow, it’s an exciting time to be out in nature. The Catskills and the Adirondack Mountains offer nearly unlimited opportunities for biking. The Hudson River Valley also offers exciting excursions for those on bikes. In this area, hybrid bikes are often a solid choice for the roads and trails of upstate New York, as you will encounter a variety of surfaces from paved country roads to bike trails to ride upon. Look for a hybrid womens bike to find a great combination of comfort, speed, durability and style. These handy bikes can also be outfitted with some nice carrying capacity allowing you to  bring along a picnic lunch or extra clothing if the day turns cold.

Stellar Locations for Fun Rides

Upstate New York has trails and roads for just about every skill level from beginning cyclists to hard-core athletes. The following are just some of the opportunities you can find away from the big city:

  • The Glen Falls Feeder Canal Trail is a paved route with views of the Hudson River
  • The 40-mile-long Mohawk-Hudson Trail takes riders through wonderful New York scenery
  • The paved Great Lakes Seaway Trail goes for 518 miles across the state
  • The wide shoulders and rural roads of the Adirondacks make for superb road biking
  • The Erie Canal pathways offer rides full of history
  • The Black Lake-St Lawrence River cycling loop offers memorable water and country scenery

A wonderful place to ride is just part of the equation. Having a bike that fits you and that you feel comfortable on only makes a good ride that much better.  When looking for bikes for women, it’s crucial to find the right bike for your riding style. A number of choices exist, from bikes that perform well but don’t cost much to deluxe models that have all of the latest advances. Once you know what areas you want to ride in, it’s easy to choose from the following bike types: hybrid, cruiser, comfort, electric, commuter and fat tire.

Super Bikes for Less

A quality bike can be bought for just a few hundred dollars. Cheap bikes for men have the capacity to take you all over the state of New York and back again. The Explore Your Range model is a hybrid bike that comes in 7-speed gears. It’s perfect for a short ride in the city or a longer ride on a bike trail that ventures into the country. Upright handlebars and a sturdy aluminum frame maximize comfort and responsiveness. The Pave n’Trail is another versatile model that can handle the pavement as well as rougher surfaces such as gravel or dirt. Its lightweight frame and hybrid tires are built for relaxing rides where you can enjoy the splendors of a New York autumn.

Buying the best bike for you does not have to empty out your wallet. Purchase a bike today and go on a colorful fall adventure.

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