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What To Do When Your Lawyer Makes a Mistake

7th Jun 2019

You want to trust people in positions of authority. You want to trust teachers. You want to trust administrators, and doctors, and instructors. And in particular, you want to trust lawyers. But what happens when your lawyer makes a mistake? What happens if someone is not qualified to take on your case but does it anyway, and you suffer a significant loss because of it? Unfortunately, the situation is not as uncommon as it should be. So, you have to know what to do if your legal representation does not serve you accordingly.

You do have many options, and there are some perspectives you should think about. First of all, you can sue your lawyer. There are specialized attorneys and law firms that exist, and the only thing they do is sue lawyers and other law firms. Whenever your lawyer has a conflict of interest, that can affect your case, which means you should look out for it. If you have lousy representation in Family Court, you can have bad results regarding child custody or alimony payments. It is even concerning if it is a remote access family court. There are lot more factors to consider here such as dependence on internet and technology, besides the usual jurisprudence. And finally, if you suffer financial loss due to the negligence of your attorney, you deserve compensation for your broken trust and loss of resources.

Sue Your Lawyer

You can’t ever be afraid to sue your lawyer. If you have complaints about your attorney’s discipline, there are places you can go for more information. Back to the idea of trust, if your confidence in a person is broken, not because of your fault, but because of their misrepresentation of themselves, there are steps you can take to right the wrongs that have been done.

Conflicts of Interest

If a lawyer ever has a conflict of interest, they are bound to make mistakes somewhere along the line. For example, if you are bringing a lawsuit against a company, and then find out that your lawyer somehow is invested in that company, not only is that illegal, but it is also extraordinarily unethical and can lead to all sorts of negative situations and consequences.

Bad Representation in Family Court

One of the most critical court cases you may ever have to go through is if you get a divorce and need to arrange child custody and child support structures between you and your former spouse. If a lawyer represents you poorly in this instance, you can lose a lot of the things that are very important to you, including time with your child and the money that is required to support them. Never settle for a Family Court lawyer who you feel does not have enough skill to handle your case appropriately.

Financial Loss Due To Negligence

Ultimately, if you suffer any financial loss due to the negligence of your lawyer, you need to remove yourself from the situation, and you need to report that attorney to the authorities or some other regulatory committee. That person should not be allowed to continue practicing law in that area so that these types of errors do not continue happening to other clients or innocent people in the future.

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