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What Kitchen Trends Will Dominate in 2017

30th Jan 2017

Home décor resolutions for 2017 are nothing less interesting and important than some of your other lifestyle changes that you hope to achieve. Also, there’s hardly anything that’s more personal and rewarding than spending time surrounded by a pleasant and comfortable environment. One of the biggest aspects of home décor in 2017 includes kitchen trends. They will help you create an inviting kitchen where you will enjoy preparing healthy meals. Check out some of the hottest trends for this year and allow yourself to get inspired.


The color freedom

Usually every year brings new trends in terms of color, but this year there aren’t any favorite picks. Basically, you are given free rein to make your kitchen suit your sensibilities the way you like while still making it look like it deserves to be featured in a home design magazine. Colorblocking, wallpaper, geometrical shapes, vibrant shades, pastel and all white paint – everything is allowed in making your kitchen a true reflection of your personal taste.

The retro look

Kitchens inspired by retro style are a trend that’s only going to get bigger in 2017. So, it’s a good idea to get some kitchen elements with a rich patina. In that respect, DIY projects for painting your cabinets and even fridge will certainly come in handy. What’s more, this décor style offers a lot of possibilities. From a country style setup to neon signs of retro-inspired diners, you can turn back time in this room to the ‘60s and ‘70s in a jiffy.

A new take on modern vibe

When the adjective modern is mentioned in home décor, there’s so much more to it compared to the connotation the word had just a few years ago. Basically, the modern trend has been changed and transformed so often that it can’t be strictly categorized nowadays. The best thing about this modern notion when kitchens are concerned is the possibility to mix and match various designs and still enjoy the modern vibe. Industrial pieces mixed with wood, stone, brass and marble allow you to use whatever you want as a statement piece; so, this is surely the way to go if you want a timeless and appealing design.

Open floor plan

Integrating the kitchen with the living space is definitely one of the interesting and unique aspects of home design. An open floor plan is a great way to create the appearance of visually bigger space. Also, it allows for better freedom of movement and makes the place look less cluttered. This type of home layout gives you an opportunity to match the décor of your kitchen and dining area with the living room more efficiently.

Green living

Incorporating green lifestyle into your kitchen doesn’t mean that you have to paint your kitchen walls green (you can if you want to). It’s actually part of a much bigger movement that involves efficiency, sustainability and frugality that saves the planet and your money. Experts from Appliance Connection emphasize the importance of switching to smart, star-rated kitchen appliances that will reduce your energy consumption and pay off in the long run. What’s more, replacing kitchen bulbs with LED or CFL ones will also minimize energy waste but provide you with sufficient brightness at the same time. Regardless of the look you choose for your kitchen space, you can still do your bit for the environment and your finances thanks to energy-efficient solutions.

Even if you are not planning to embark on kitchen renovation, there’s so much you can do to freshen up the look of this area. Effective bits and pieces for décor purposes as well as proper storage will undoubtedly make your cooking experience a lot more fulfilling and stress-free.

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