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What is the International Baccalaureate? And how does it differ from traditional education

23rd Jan 2018

The International Baccalaureate is a foundation of international education which offers 4 different educational programs for students of different age groups. These programs are:

  1. The IB Diploma Program (for students aged 15 to 18 years)
  2. The IB career related Program (for students aged 15 to 18 years)
  3. The IB Middle Years Program (for students aged 11 to 14 years)
  4. The IB Primary Years Program (for students aged 3 to 12 years)

Southbank International School is one of the most popular and reputed International Baccalaureate schools that parents choose for their children. One of the biggest advantages of IB schools over AP is that IB schools are offered at elementary and middle school levels as well, whereas AP schools are not.

How is the International Baccalaureate different from traditional education?

Many parents often go through a dilemma when trying to choose the best school program for their child. It is no doubt the most important priority for a parent to ensure that their child receives the best education only. There are quite a few glaring differences between the International Baccalaureate and traditional education, where the International Baccalaureate offers several benefits over a traditional education.

Here are some of the reasons and benefits of choosing the International Baccalaureate over traditional education:

  • IB programmes offer education and development outside normal curriculum

In traditional educational programs, it can be seen often than classrooms consist of one teacher, several students, and the students taking notes of the teacher’s lectures. However, in an International Baccalaureate programme, it is seen that students take less notes and spend more time in participating in classroom activities, involving themselves in group activities with other students and having a more interactive form of education.

  • A global education and certificate

Probably one of the most appealing aspects of the International Baccalaureate is the fact that students receive an all-rounded, global education. This is something which is greatly lacking in traditional education. However, IB programmes strive to educate and develop their students to have an open-mind and more accepting attitude towards global cultures. This is especially advantageous for those parents who wish for their children to attain a global certification and participate in global education and job markets. The IB diploma program ensures that the child leaves with a global certificate which will assist them greatly in the future for global market job perspectives.

  • Unique curriculum

One of the best parents of IB programmes are the fact that they offer a unique curriculum for students. This includes education in different global languages, learning about different literatures other than their own nations, getting an education about different societies and cultures, and the flexibility to opt for a sixth elective subject such as arts, science, mathematics, and many others.

International Baccalaureate programmes have several benefits over traditional education, which is why many parents opt for these programs. For parents who wish for their children to receive an all-round education, especially including global students, Southbank International School is one of the most reputed schools having an IB program for their students. Enrol your child in the best IB program today and secure their future for global prospective!

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