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What Can An Orthodontist Do For You

17th Mar 2017

Image by Wishard of Oz via Flickr

An Orthodontist is a dental health expert who helps straighten a person’s teeth and prevent the irregularities of the teeth using braces, retainers and other devices. They help to keep the teeth healthy for a long time. Having good teeth doesn’t only indicate one’s dental health, it makes a person feel confident as well. A healthy, beautiful smile will not make one feel conscious while interacting with other people. Having sparkling teeth will help a person to feel relaxed and confident. When one is not happy with the teeth, there is always a solution to that.

Orthodontics is something you should look into. An orthodontist in Gold Coast can provide you with various services that can enhance your smile and your teeth. Read on if you wish to know what they can do for you.

Jaw Surgery

Professionals that offer orthodontics can perform jaw surgery. This type of surgery can correct abnormalities in your facial bones, more specifically in the teeth and the jaws. When you suffer from such abnormalities, then you may have trouble talking, chewing, as well as sleeping. When you receive jaw surgery, you may find it easier to perform your routine activities.

Fit You with Invisalign

If you want Invisalign, then go to a dental office that offers orthodontics in your local area. An orthodontist can fit these aligners onto your teeth, and they are invisible and can be easily removed when need be. Many people prefer Invisalign over metal or clear braces. Invisalign works the same way as other braces. Over time, your teeth should become straighter and move into a better position.


As you already know, braces are designed to help correct your teeth’s positioning. However, not all braces are created equal and different types can be used. When you see an orthodontist, they will examine your mouth and teeth and decide which type is suitable for you. You might have to visit the office again because it will take a little bit of time for the braces to be made so expect measurements of your mouth and teeth to be taken while at the orthodontist’s office.


A dental practice providing orthodontics in your local area can fit you with traditional braces, and they can fit you with a retainer after they remove your braces. An orthodontist will decide whether to give you a removable retainer or give you a fixed one. Removable retainers do not have wires, and they are designed to fit over the entire arch of your teeth. Fixed retainers are linked to the back of your teeth. Retainers play a huge role in straightening your teeth after the braces have been removed, and an orthodontist will let you know how long you will need to wear your retainer for.

An orthodontist does many things, with some of the most important ones being helping you prevent dental irregularities and treating dental irregularities. They can also diagnose such irregularities which is exactly why you should visit an orthodontist. They will examine your teeth and let you know what dental issues you have and how it can be fixed.

If you need your teeth and jaw realigned, or you just want to have a nicer smile and improve your oral health and hygiene, then you should visit an orthodontist’s office.

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