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Using Art and Music as Communication In Your Family

26th Dec 2016

Art and music have the potential to create strong bonds with people, and you can use this to your advantage if you’re trying to bring your family closer together somehow. Especially when some members of a family are going through the teen years, tension and lack of communication can hit a fever pitch. With some subtle use of the senses in the art and music world, many benefits can float to the surface.


Five examples of using art and music as communication in your family to help with bonding include using music therapy, going to concerts together, using music as a wake-up alarm, bonding during celebrations over music, and even going to painting classes together.

Music Therapy Examples

If music theory is used to help addicts recover, it can certainly be used to improve your environment at home. When you find out what type of music everyone in your family likes the best, you can begin to put together a playlist that can be appreciated by everyone whenever there’s a case of a person being moody in the house.

Going To Concerts Together

Look up concert schedules in your area to determine if there’s anything fun to go to in the current season. This can be anything from festivals to local concerts, and the actual types of music being played are going to be less important than that fact that everyone is going together. You don’t even necessarily have to stay together during the show, but just the fact that everyone is having a similar experience can improve the sense of connection that people feel when they’re in their home environments.

Waking Up More Easily

Have you ever used music as an alarm clock? It’s so much better than the blaring noises that most alarms are, whether they’re on an official alarm clock or a mobile phone app of some sort. Good, energetic wake-up music in the morning for the whole family can be the difference between a good day and a bad one.

Bonding During Celebrations

Think about the music during a celebration that your family has been to recently. This could be a wedding or a holiday party, for instance. Did you notice that it makes the experience deeper in terms of bonding? Because of the emotional context of music, events with songs playing are great places to allow free communication between family members.

Going To Painting Classes

In almost every town, there are painting lessons that you can take as a group. Why not take your whole family? They aren’t expensive, and don’t require you to actually be good at art. What it ends up being is a chance for everyone in your family to talk in a captive environment.


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