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Useful Tech Products for Your Home

29th Mar 2021

Technology is an amazing thing, and as scientific advancement moves ever forward, there are always new and improved devices to help around the house. Incredible innovations, like robot assistance, which would have sounded like science fiction a few years ago, are now readily available. With such an incredible breadth of amazing technology, it may be difficult to know where to begin looking. So, here are a handful of suggestions for useful devices that could be a great new addition to your home.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The idea of a robot butler that bumbles around the house and cleans is definitely a fantasy we’ve all experienced at one point or another. Which makes it so strange that, in a way, you can actually buy a robotic servant whose only purpose is to bump its way around vacuuming for you. These little mechanical marvels are even often intelligent, allowing you to program paths for them to follow and schedules for them to automatically trundle around your house cleaning. They’ll even plug themselves in, meaning all you’ll have to do is empty them out occasionally. As sci-fi as it sounds, these little robots are definitely something you should consider adding to your home. In fact, this insanely cool piece of tech is so widely available that you have almost as much choice in buying one as you would buying almost anything else.

AI Virtual Assistant

Keeping on the theme of science fiction brought to life, another gadget that you should consider for your home is an artificial intelligence virtual assistant. While either Google Assistant or Siri come as pre-loaded services on most phones, you can actually buy a dedicated device to set up a permanent virtual assistant in different rooms of your house without having to open up an app on your phone. There are a few options for dedicated virtual assistant devices, but the most popular are likely the Google Assistant and Amazon Echo (more commonly known as Alexa) ranges. Both offer a range of devices, including smart display systems such as Google’s Home Hub and Amazon’s Echo Show. These incredible devices allow you to control a number of systems, including smart lights, throughout your home with just your voice and, while they are definitely an expensive addition to your home, they can do you a world of good in terms of convenience.

Smart Sliding Doors

Last but definitely not least, on our list of interesting and convenient additions to your home is a fancy device for your sliding doors. You can actually buy an automatic door opener for sliding door, which is a super convenient way to give your pets an easy way in and out of the house. Not to mention useful for those busy summer BBQs when you need to carry armfuls of food, drink, and who knows what else out through your sliding door. These can be easily installed on any existing sliding door and offer not only convenience but style too.

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