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Top Welcoming Destinations For Americans Traveling Abroad

26th Sep 2018

If you haven’t yet taken the whole family on a journey overseas, there’s a different element to consider.  Traveling solo is much different than traveling with your family, and it’s important that you make the right choices when planning your itinerary.  

If you’re not sure about where to go on your family adventure, you’re in luck.  Here is a brief description of a few of the most welcoming destinations for American families traveling abroad.  Read it through, and consider where your next pin will go in the map.

Have you ever met a rude Canadian

Canada is known for being pretty nice, eh?  You probably can’t think of a specifically rude Canadian, and we don’t have the time to try.  Canadians are known for their niceness, politeness, safety, and civility.  

There are plenty of great attractions to see in Canada, but the most exciting aspect of the great country is the beautiful land they call their home.  Go skiing with the family in the Rocky Mountains, grab a canoe in the waters of British Columbia, and hiking is excellent almost everywhere you go.

Pick a shamrock in Ireland

Travel to Ireland to experience one of the happiest places on Earth.  It is also one of the easiest places to get your passport replaced in the case of an emergency.  The Irish have little interest in trapping you in their country, so there’s no fear of getting stuck.  

Pubs in Ireland are nothing like the “bars” in the U.S.  Step into an Irish pub, and experience “craic” firsthand.  The whole family is welcomed to join in the celebration in Ireland.  Craic is focused around relaxation, chatting with friends and family, listening to great music, singing along, and lots of dancing.  

Finland paints a picture of peace

Finland is the place where you and your family will flourish.  Peace and purity seem to permeate every aspect of this country, and you won’t feel like you’re thousands of miles from home.  

You’ll eat delicious delicacies in Finland, and there’s no shortage of polite locals with a healthy respect for all things quirky.  Don’t sit inside all day during your visit, and try snowmobiling in Lapland, dog-sledding, and hiking through some of the most spectacular landscape you’ve ever seen.

Denmark is safe and friendly

Tagged as the birthplace of “hygge,” Denmark is one of the most “chill” places on the planet.  Hygge is the concept of living a comfy, cozy lifestyle on one’s own terms.  

Enjoy checking out the unique architectural displays in Denmark, and get a taste of the culture; a literal taste.  Denmark has some of the yummiest culinary delicacies and no shortage of tasty pastries.

Experience the culture of New Zealand

Not to be confused with its geological neighbor, Australia, New Zealand will give you a different flair of the far east.  You can plan a trip to this gorgeous country any time of the year.

In the winter, skiing will keep you and the kids busy.  In the summer, the beaches and surfing in New Zealand is unlike any other waters in the world.  Legends have surfed the waves off the New Zealand coast.

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