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Top 4 MusclePharm Supplements

12th Dec 2019

MusclePharm has a really good reputation and it’s easy to see why. The creators themselves use their products every day showing that they believe in what they’ve created. They refuse to use any banned ingredients and all of the products have gone through rigorous testing, ensuring that all MusclePharm supplements are safe to use for supportive lifestyle goals of every kind.

1.   MusclePharm – COMBAT 100% WHEY

With zero colourants or artificial dyes, this whey protein is gluten-free and has a meager 1g of sugar. It has 25 grams of protein and is low in carbohydrates to ensure optimum energy for your workouts.

2.   MusclePharm – COMBAT 100% ISOLATE

With 24 grams of protein in every serving, this is one of the best quality supplements out there. It helps with muscle growth and is quickly absorbed for maximum effect. It has no sugar, fat or carbohydrates either, making it a zero-guilt supplement that can be taken daily. It helps in aid in weight loss as well and muscle growth and the best time to take it is after a tough workout, so it helps your muscles recover and repair immediately.

3.   MusclePharm – GLUTAMINE

This is a supplement that always seems to be sold out, and that shows that it works. This is one product that is a must for your workout kitchen cupboard especially if you lift weights and have a more rigorous exercise routine than others.

This does not come in any flavours and is best enjoyed mixed with your favourite MusclePharm protein shake. And you can drink it twice a day.

4.   Muscle Pharm – COMBAT PRE-WORKOUT

With two delicious flavours that really excite the taste buds, Combat Pre-Workout is perfect for anyone looking for extreme energy to knock their workout right out of the park. It helps with focus as well as performance and will push your workout routine to the max.

Even though these supplements might be 4 of the best MusclePharm has to offer, it still won’t work if you don’t put in the work. Following a regular workout routine and eating the right food to fuel your body will help so much more than just going to the gym twice a week while using these products and expecting results.

It won’t work if you don’t. So find a form of exercise you enjoy and stick to it, you can always branch out later as you learn about what different forms of workouts there are.

They say motivation gets us started but discipline is what keeps us going so make sure to put certain things in place before that motivation begins to run out. Picture your life 6 months from now, now picture it 1 year from now. If you put in the necessary work and aided it with the right supplements you could look like your favourite role model, or even better, become a role model for others.

Nothing worth having has ever been easy, so tie up those shoes, grab your protein shake and head out the door before your mind tells you the bed is way more comfortable.

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