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Tips For Maintaining A Healthy Body During Pregnancy

9th Jan 2017

Maintaining a healthy body during pregnancy is one of the most significant contributions to a healthy birth.  Everyone knows that they are supposed to eat well while pregnant, but what does that really mean?  Living healthy is more than just eating veggies, it requires a change in lifestyle, especially if the mother is a social partier.  It is vital to immediately cease any alcohol intake as soon as the pregnancy is discovered.  In addition, here are a few healthy habits for maintaining a healthy body during pregnancy.  


Make time for rest and relaxation

Pregnancy is not actually a nine-month process like most people usually say.  Full term pregnancy is 40 weeks, which is ten months.  This is a long time to support another life.  The body needs to be well rested.  Do not hesitate to take that mid-afternoon nap if it feels necessary.  

A growing fetus drains the mother of vital vitamins and nutrients.  It is not unusual to need a nap, but it is necessary to assure that the mother has plenty of opportunities to rest when needed.  

Drink plenty of water

Our bodies are made of mostly water.  It is essential to our survival whether we are pregnant or not.  Being pregnant just means it is even more important to stay hydrated.  Find a stylish water bottle and make it a container that is used solely for drinking water, and carry it everywhere.  It is amazing how well this works.

While pregnant, it is easier to become dehydrated due to vomiting from morning sickness.  The body also needs hydration to begin the process of producing breast milk.  Drinking plenty of water while pregnant will help to relieve heartburn and constipation and reduce the chances of developing a urinary tract infection.  

Stay active

Even when pregnant it is important to keep the body moving.  Sedentary bodies tend to ache more than those who keep themselves busy.  As long as the doctor gives the okay, then exercising while pregnant is not dangerous to the baby.  In fact, it is good for the baby.

The benefits of exercising while pregnant include improved energy, fewer aches and pains, a reduced risk of gestational diabetes, and is helps the mother bounce back quicker after giving labor.  

Floss once a day

Pregnancy is horrible for the mother’s teeth.  Flossing will help ward off gingivitis, which can lead to more severe gum disease.  Gum diseases can ultimately affect the baby’s health.  If the mother gets sick, the baby gets sick.  

Progressed gum disease can lead to a higher risk of preterm labor and preeclampsia.  Most people do not understand the full importance of proper dental hygiene while pregnant.  

Ingest lots of nutrients and vitamins

Do not skip the prenatal vitamins.  They are imperative.  Also, the benefits of eating plenty of foods with DHA ( an Omega-3 fat) are many.  DHA has been proven to produce smarter babies with fewer allergies.

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