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Tips For Living In a Small Space With Kids

11th Apr 2017

Sometimes living in the city means that we have to compromise our living space in order to be able to afford where we live.  Often depending on the city, rates can be so high that we have no other option than to live with your family in smaller living quarters in order to be close to your work and enjoy the city lifestyle.

Having a small living space is completely doable with kids as long as you know some simple tips for making it work.  All it takes is a little creativity and organization and you can make it work for everyone. Here are some of the best tips for living in a space living space with little ones.

Encourage Play Time In Designated Areas Only

Make sure that you enforce that toys and playtime are to be enjoyed in specific play areas only.  This means that you won’t risk toys and crazy activity happening in the kitchen, your office, or your bedroom.

By keeping play time contained in specific play areas you can make sure that you won’t have toys spread all over your house causing walking hazards and creating a much more complicated mess to clean up.

Keep Containers Around For Storage

One of the biggest complaints from parents who live with their kids in smaller living spaces is that the toys and activities are spread all over the place and appear to be a much bigger mess than it actually is when space is small.

Therefore, keeping containers in each room is a great way to be able to store the toys quickly and efficiently moving them out of sight.  Usually, you can find baskets and boxes at places like Ikea which can be stored in closets or under a table for safe keeping.

Be Minimal

When living in a small space it is essential to live only with what you need. Otherwise, if you have too many things piling on top of each other you will feel like you are swimming in junk.

Take inventory of everything in your house and really be honest with yourself about whether it is necessary or not.  This way you can minimize your space and have a clearer state of mind.

Clean At The End Of The Day

One of the first things you learn when you have kids is that they are amazing at creating huge messes in small amounts of time.  It can be exhausting to run after them all day trying to pick up their messes as you go.

Instead of making yourself nuts running in circles all day spinning your wheels, wait until the end of the day to clean up together as a group and once all of the toys are put away for the day, they aren’t to be taken out again.

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