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Tips For Keeping Your Family Safe While Out For A Drive

21st Aug 2017

You’re on your way to work and driving the speed limit, but the guy behind you is in a hurry. So, he careens around you doing 20 mph above the speed limit and then pulls back over in front of you only to tap his brakes as a statement to you causing you to lose control of your vehicle. Forget the insurance!

The hope here is that everyone was wearing a seatbelt and that the brakes on your car were well maintained. Every year, there are thousands of fatalities due to people maintaining a lackadaisical view on car safety. So many of them are preventable.  Here are some things you should pay attention to.

Seatbelt Safety

In the 70’s and earlier, seatbelts just were not an issue. Kids stood up in the back seat, rode in the bed of a truck and hid in hatchbacks. New mothers brought their newborns home holding them in their lap in the front passenger side of the car. As the population grew, the cars got faster, and the speed limits were raised, eventually seatbelts were required for every car and truck.

Seat belts save lives. It’s as simple as that. Teach your children from birth up that seat belts are not an option. They are the law and they are for their safety and while you’re at it, be the example. Do what I say and not what I do shouldn’t even be a joking matter here.

Yearly Tune Ups

Remember that guy that passed you earlier, pulled over in front of you, and then tapped on the brakes? That’s just one of many reasons to make sure your car has a yearly checkup. Check your tires, as well. A tire that goes flat on the interstate at 70 miles per hour can cause you to lose control of the car and run into other traffic. Also, keep your oil changed. The last thing you want is the engine to lock up on you while you’re out with the kids.

Distracted Driving

Number one unnecessary killer in a vehicle goes to . . . Distracted Driving!!

 Eating, listening to loud music, talking on the phone, even hands free devices,  and texting while driving are some of the reasons there were over 1300 driving facilities in 2015, alone. Talk to your teen drivers about this issue, especially and above all, be the example. Teenagers are exceptionally good at bending the rules till they break. Don’t give them the impression that’s ok to go in any situation.

With all the things that could wrong with your vehicle and with raising children, it seems common sense to follow the rules this time. There’s just too much riding on it.

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