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Tips For Being A Great Dog Owner

12th Nov 2016

Being a good dog owner is more than just giving a few cuddles and throwing some dog kibbles in a bowl.  Having a dog is much like having a child.  They require around the clock care, and proper precautions need to be taken in order to have the best dog possible.  All sorts of issues can come up when you own a dog that you need to be prepared for as much as possible.


By giving your dog the right tools and care, you can develop their personalities into wonderful little companions that respect you and your home.  

Follow these steps to be the best dog owner that you can be.

Get Pet Insurance

You never know when your dog can have a health problem  From digestive issues to an unexpected surgery for an injury.  Veterinarians charge enormous prices for these sort of services. Showing up to the veterinarian’s office uninsured could be thousands of dollars that you simply don’t have.  Don’t force yourself to have to make the decision of opting to put your animal down over treatment because it’s simply too expensive.

Prepare for the worst by buying pet insurance.  These often cost as little as $15 a month and can make a huge difference in pet care costs if something goes wrong.

Flea Treatment

Even indoor animals can get fleas.  Giving your dog regular flea treatment regardless of whether they go outside often or not is part of being a responsible pet owner.

Your dog should get a spot treatment applied every few weeks as well as a de-worming formula.  Additionally vacuum regularly, and bathe at least once a month.

Take Frequent Walks

A dog needs to be walked at least 20 minutes a day 3 times a day, or one long 60-minute walk.  You will find that if your dog is walked every day for this amount, they will be calmer, better behaved, and love you for it.

Depending on the breed, some dogs need to be walked even more.  A pit bull, for example, is a very energetic dog who needs a huge space to not only walk but run. For hours a day ideally.

Buy High-Quality Dog Food

Would you eat canned meat from the dollar store? If not, then why would you give it to your dog. Low-quality dog food can lead to kidney disease, foul bowel movements, and hyperactivity.

Purchase a high-quality dog food, or if it doesn’t fit in your budget, buy a mid level dog food and alternate meals with raw meat which can sometimes be more cost effective.

Play With Your Dog

Interacting and playing with your dog is just as important as it is for a human.  Dogs thrive on approval, and affection.

Show your dog that they are loved, and you will never have a creature that loves you more.

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