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Things to Know Before Getting a Family Pet

22nd Jan 2017

One of the inevitable questions you’re going to hear from your kids is “Can we get a pet?”, whether you like or not. Sure this sounds like a great idea, however, you need to sit down and carefully consider if your family is suitable for having a pet and what the responsibilities are. Once you think about all the aspects and your family’s decision about getting a pet is unanimous, you will be ready for a new member of the family.


Do Your Research

Before you do anything, you need to take some time and get the right information. Think about the financial aspects. A pet costs money, you need to by food, equipment and regular check-ups at the vet. Of course, there are other things as well. Various animals require different kind of care, but all of them need love and attention. It is a commitment all family members must make. In this day and age, fulfilling your pet’s needs is not as difficult, wherever you are. There are many pet shops all around, but if you cannot find what you need, you can always buy pet supplies online. Not to mention that the number of pet friendly hotels, restaurant and cafes are increasing rapidly. Plus, pets are now allowed in public transportation, cabs and planes, so your pet can come with you wherever you go!

Choose Your Pet

When deciding to get a pet, how can you know which one is right for your family? Depending on your family’s profile, estimate how much time you will have for your pet. Some pets can stay home alone, but some don’t like being alone. You need to choose a pet which will be happy in your family’s environment. Before you get a dog, you need to know who is going to take it for a walk or, if you have a backyard, your dog can run around anytime. Cats require less attention than dogs, so they are better for busier people. You can also get a hamster, parrot, guinea pig, turtle or a hedgehog. They live in a cage which makes them easier to take care of, but they also need to walk around and be played with. Every pet needs attention!

Take Responsibility

Bear in mind that your kids will be the ones playing with the pet and that you will be in charge of the feeding, cleaning etc. You have to find the time for all these things. Share chores with other members of the family. Pets are amazing friends, but they are also great for teaching children some responsibility. Put them in charge for a small chore regarding the pet. This will teach them to take care of their loved ones. Most importantly, know that your pet needs to be loved by everyone and needs to be treated as a part of the family, which it will be.

Think About the Future

Another important condition for getting a family pet is stability. Having a stable life situation is very important for having a pet. Just like people, they like to feel safe and secure and they also like their daily routines. Before you decide on getting a pet, be aware of their average life span and make sure that you can be responsible for your pet throughout their whole life. A pet is a living being and cannot be treated otherwise. Under no circumstances should you abandon your pet. This is inexcusable and if you cannot vouch for this, you shouldn’t get a pet in the first place.

Pets are amazing companions! They make us happy and love us unconditionally. We should be able to do the same for them. Just like any other living thing, they do require care and attention, but it is all worth it when you realize how happy they make you and your children. They are the cutest and most loving anti-stress treatment you can get and a constant reminder of the true values in life, since they are incapable of being evil or vicious and can only give you love, loyalty and kindness.

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