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The Top 5 Must Visit Family Friendly Theme Parks

21st Oct 2016

Introducing your children to the many joys theme parks offer is a real thrill for parents. Your little ones will be chuckling with delight on rides such as flying saucers and other child friend attractions, before possibly graduating towards thrill seeking rides in the future!


If you need any further assistance rather than just taking my word for it, this handy theme park guide from the Telegraph should provide you with the impetus you need to get up and go to some of these spectacular resorts. You could treat your visit as a family holiday, a weekend away, or simply a one off day trip – it’s entirely up to you, but the theme parks accommodate a wide variety of possibilities.

  1. LEGOLAND, Windsor

If your kids are lucky enough to have LEGO toys, then they’ll more than likely want to visit the LEGOLAND theme park. It’s pretty much a dream come true for children, as the entire park is inspired by the wonderful world of LEGO. Parents will also likely have a fun nostalgia trip, as almost everyone played with this building blocks when they were a child.

There’s plenty to see and do, to put it mildly. If you want to make an extended stay, the hotel will put a roof over your head, but the central attraction is exploring the resort. With rides such as the Hill Train, Viking’s River Splash, Spinning Spider, the Dragon, Knights’ Quest, and the Jolly Rocker (amongst many more), you absolutely won’t be bored!

  1. Alton Towers

Renowned across the UK as a leading theme park, if you haven’t visited this resort now is the time! Simply put, it boasts fantastic rides, hotels, restaurants, events, and much more. The chances are you may well have visited it already, but here’s another reminder that it’s always worth a return trip. You can check this Tower Street guide for all the latest details about what’s on show.

  1. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

As days out with the kids go, this is arguably the ultimate trip! Blackpool Pleasure Beach is undoubtedly a national treasure which has been in operation for over 100 years, wowing millions of people in the process.

It’s situated in the North West of England right next to the seaside, which means the famous Pleasure Beach and its three piers are only a short walk away. These are amusement parks in their own right, offering tourists plenty of fun activities and food to try out.

Inside the park, there’s a wide assortment of family friendly rides, with Nickelodeon Land remaining a major favourite with children. There’s a SpongeBob ride, Wallace and Gromit attraction, and many other options. Plus, in the evenings there are themed restaurants, pantomime, and other shows available to go to – it’s a real treat.

  1. Chessington World of Adventures

This theme park also doubles up as a zoo! It’s only 12 miles away from central London as well, meaning you could easily build in a trip to the nation’s capital as well as enjoy your time at this impressive theme park.

Whether it’s seeing the animals (there are sea lions, lowland gorillas, and penguins) or heading out on the rides which are split into themed areas (such as Africa, Mexicana, and Land of the Dragons) where you can try out a huge range of children friendly rides.

It’s an ideal place for a short break, with plenty of hotels available to book in at discount prices for a full-filled family adventure. If you’re an animal fan, then this is a no brainer – the additional zoo adds extra spice and is sure to wow you children.

  1. Backgang Chine

Located on the Isle of Wight, this quirky theme park is also the UK’s oldest (dating back to 1843). Its rides are quite modest compared to the likes of Blackpool Pleasure Beach (although there is a small rollercoaster), but the place is charming and provides your family with a trip to a new location.

There are plenty of other rides, mazes, and the odd mansion to visit, and although it’s a bit more low-key it should provide your kids with plenty of happy memories. This Isle of Wight guide will provide you with all the information you need to learn more about this charming little resort.

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