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The Perpetual Flame of Womanly Love: 4 Ways How to Be More Appealing to Your Husband

19th Dec 2018

During courtship, the two parties usually go extra lengths to look attractive to their significant other. This verve often persists through the early days of marriage. However, after some time, the passion fades and it seems as if there is a rift between the husband and the wife.

Women find it hard to accept that their husband is no longer as attracted to them as it were in the past. Their foremost conclusion? The husband is sexually unsatisfied. Nevertheless, there are many reasons for the withdrawal other than sex.

So, how can you keep your husband attracted to you through the years? Read on to find out.

Maintain Your Looks and Body Shape

Remember the days when your husband was your boyfriend or just a suitor. Most probably, you spent hours dressing to appear attractive to him. After marriage, most women reduce their efforts on this front.

You should try to maintain the standards you held so dearly before moving in with your husband. For instance, use products that give you a smoother skin, get occasional manicure and pedicures. You could also exercise frequently to maintain an appealing body shape. Of course, you should always feel comfortable in the body you have, if you want to stay big then by all means do so. It seems more guys are getting into BBWSex (big beautiful women) and your husband could be one of them. Speaking of sex…

Reevaluate your Sex Life

The majority of issues concerning marriages stem from the bedroom. One way of improving your sex life is sporadically initiating sex. This will make your husband feel desired, increasing his attraction to you.

When sex is bland, you can spice it up by trying new positions and incorporating sex toys. Also, you can alter the frequency in which you have sex – if it is too high, reduce it to enhance the gratification; if it is too low, devise ways of increasing the desire.

Take Interest in His Hobbies

When your man is doing his favorite thing – be it watching sports, movies, hiking, swimming or whatever, show interest in the activity. This can be done by either asking questions or lending a hand, whichever is applicable. You can also throw jokes in between to make it even more interesting.

In addition to increasing your attraction to them, this practice also grows the intimacy between husband and wife.

Show Appreciation

Do you remember the last time you told your partner, you loved him? The last time you thanked him for doing something or being there, or even issued a compliment? Often overlooked, a consistent show of appreciation greatly contributes to the maintenance of passion and closeness in a relationship.

Appreciation can be afforded either verbally or through actions. For example, you can take the kids to bed early and prepare dinner for the two of you. Alternatively, you can plan for a date night where you spend time exclusively together.


Feeling that your partner is distancing himself from you is probably the worst possible thing you can experience in a marriage. However, this can be avoided by observing the two things that matter to men the most – being an understanding wife and maintaining your physical attractiveness.


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