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The Mobile Home Life

29th Aug 2017

No matter where we live, whether we like it or not, we call it home. It is our escape from the world many times and where we feel most accepted. It is our world where we run the show. Some of us choose to do that in an apartment, some in a house, and then there are those that choose the mobile home or trailer. A mobile home has some very distinct advantages and disadvantages. Below are a few you may want to consider the next time you go shopping for a new home.

They Are Cheaper

Anyone who has ever been shopping for a home knows that, these days, you won’t find a good quality single family home for less than $150,000, and that’s on the cheap side. Renting, on average, takes about $800-$1200 out of your budget a month for something you’ll never own. Most mobile homes run in the midst of $50 – $90,000, with the average of about $62,000. This is less than half of the average price for a stick home and as you will find out later, you get more than a bang for your buck.

They Are Manufactured

A home on the range in the quiet country, that was built with your father’s own two hands is one of the sweetest sentiments there is. However, mobile homes are manufactured, which may seem like a bad thing in the beginning, but because they are manufactured they quality is more stable and those building them are able to keep the quality standards higher than that of a traditional home.

In the building of a traditional home, if something is off by a millimeter or two, most contractors will just make an adjustment and build over or around the problem. If the same problem exists in a mobile home, the part is scrapped and they start over again.

They Depreciate

Unfortunately, there is always a bad side to things. Because mobile homes are not attached to the land and can be removed without damaging the property, they are not considered part of the property. They would be considered more like your car, four wheeler, or boat. This is the reason a mobile home depreciates in value.

Because it can not be considered part of the land, there is nothing you can do to make the value of it grow. However, when reselling your home, if there comes a time that you need or want to, there are always things you can do to make it worth the price you ask for. You can sell the land with it and you can remodel the inside and outside. Every home needs a makeover eventually anyway.  

Owning a mobile home can be a great investment if kept up with and taken care of, despite any disadvantages. Refer here frequently for pros and cons of owning your mobile home.

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