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The Importance of Sleep for You and Your Baby

4th Sep 2013

We all know how important sleep is, especially when you are a mother with the responsibility of caring for your child. If you are trying to get your new born into a sleeping routine, or have a teething toddler, those stolen hours in the night can add up to a very tired and unfocused woman in the morning.

Linda Russell – also known as The Sleep Lady – explains on her site that new mothers loses an average of two hours of sleep per night, accumulating into over 740 hours lost over the first year of your child’s life.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do in terms of lost sleep when caring for a child, but what you can do is to make sure that the sleep you are getting each night, is the best that it can be.

Even though this might mean sacrificing some of your precious ‘me time’, it is good practice to go to sleep when your baby sleeps so that you can get as much rest as you can. If you get your baby down for bed at 7/8pm, try to follow soon after so that you can feel ready later on in the night to get up and attend to the cries and sniffles that might occur.

Also, it is worth looking into the quality of your mattress, as any lost sleep through an inability to get comfortable is a massive waste of your sleeping time. It is recommended that you should change your mattress every seven years, as after this time your mattress loses its ability to fully support you and offer the best comfort.

Investing in a new mattress could turn those precious few hours with your head against the pillow from just enough, to dreamy.

Depending on your available budget, there is plenty on offer to improve your night’s sleep. Memory foam is a great option for posture, comfort and hygiene, with some companies offering a mixture of memory foam and pocket spring for the best of both worlds. Zleeps bring you a great selection of pocket sprung memory foam mattresses for a responsive and supportive sleep surface.

Pocket sprung mattresses are also a great option if you and your partner differ in size, reducing the risk of rolling into one another in the middle of the night. And, if your current mattress still has a few years left in it but you would like to improve the comfort, you can also purchase a mattress topper that will cushion and support your body. However, make sure you do your research, as it’s important to note that not all are equal so you need to make sure you buy the right one to suit you.

It is also wise to make your bedroom a tech free zone. Technology promotes interaction, so it will be hard not to check your emails or indulge in the latest Downton Abbey episode while lying in bed, but this must be done to re-establish the purpose of this room. Remove all gadgets, including iPads, iPods and TVs so that there are no distractions as you drift off into slumber. The act of removing these items will set the president that your room is for sleeping, and sleeping alone.

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