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The Effect Of Drugs On Your Family

19th Mar 2017

Drugs are bad for you. You’ve heard it all before. They damage your body and your mind, they steal your money and sometimes even your life. Addiction is an illness, but it is an illness you can recover from if you want to and you get the help you need.

Drugs don’t just affect your health and your body, they also affect your friends and your family. They could even affect the people you work with and for. Here are some of the ways that drugs affect more than just you.

The Cost Of Addiction And Recovery

The money you are spending on drugs is not only draining your bank account, but it is also taking away from your family. If you’re putting yourself into debt buying drugs you could lose your house or your car. You may have blown through your savings, leaving you no money if the water heater breaks or your car stops working (with no running vehicle you could lose your job).

You’re also taking money away from your family. You might not have money for Christmas presents for your kids because you blew it on heroin. Maybe they miss a school trip because you couldn’t afford the cost of it.

Once you decide to go into recovery you will be spending more money, but this money will hopefully lead you to better health and you’ll hopefully no longer need those drugs. Recovery begins with checking into rehab, followed by detox, and then you will want to continue going to NA meetings (those are free) and seeing a therapist. You may get lucky and your insurance could cover some of these costs.

The Dangers Of Drugs In Your Home

Addicts aren’t always careful with their drugs. Maybe you got high and passed out before you could put your needle away. Maybe your hiding place for your cocaine or marijuana just wasn’t a good enough one. Keeping hard drugs in your home puts children of any age at risk, from accidental overdose or even addiction.

If your child gets into your drugs, it could kill them, especially little ones. Older children could steal your drugs, share them with other teens, and that could lead to even more issues for you and your family. While a good suggestion would be to keep your drugs locked up in a safe place, the better suggestion is to get help and get clean.

Your family deserves a happy and healthy parent. There is help for you, you just need to want to get help and get clean. Talk to someone and start changing your life for the better, now, before it’s too late and your family loses you or you lose your family.

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