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The Chore Of Keeping A Kitchen Clean

18th Dec 2020

Home, sweet home. While many of us love being there, the fact is, keeping a house clean takes work. We’re not even referring to deep-level spring cleaning, but the day-to-day chores of picking up after yourself (and family members), keeping up with clutter, and staying on top of tasks such as laundry and lawn maintenance. At the top of the list of rooms most people enjoy cleaning the least are probably bathrooms and kitchens.

Obviously, bathrooms require regular cleaning to keep them sanitized and safe. The kitchen is just as critical — not just for aesthetics, but for your family’s overall health and wellness. In most homes, the kitchen is the heart of the home — where family and friends tend to gather. It’s also the room that typically gets the most use.

Whether you’re pouring milk into a bowl of cereal, tossing a salad for lunch, or pulling out all the stops for a delicious homecooked dinner, you and your family are constantly in and out of the kitchen. While we tend to think of the kitchen as the room where we prep, cook and prepare everything from meals to snacks, it’s also a space that requires frequent cleaning.

The sheer number of implements and tools found as well as their many uses makes keeping the kitchen sanitary a demanding job. For example, how often do you use your microwave? Once a day? Twice? More often? It should be wiped clean of any food that boils over or spills. The same goes for your stovetop, whether it’s electric or gas. Wiping the surface immediately helps food from getting caked or stuck, making for easier cleanup.

The sink is another tool that should be rinsed after use. Sweeping the floor repeatedly helps you avoid the buildup of dirt and grime. Regular mopping can keep your floor sparkling and prevent you from tracking food into other areas of your home. Regardless of whether you clean your kitchen on the regular or do so only once in a while, there are some cleaning myths that may damage it. The accompanying resource describes five common cleaning faux pas.

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