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The Boss Baby

26th Apr 2017

The Boss Baby has been released in United Kingdom. This movie which shows the secretive lives of baby promises to plunge watchers into an unknown child-world. The trailer of this long-awaited movie has been released long ago, and it has set the enthusiasm for the movie.

For instance, Betty Balls has been waiting to watch this movie since weeks. She will surely go watch it on a Sunday. She would have loved having it on a Saturday night with her love, Luke. However, on Saturday nights, they are always busy with their adorable roomies at It’s the best site to play bingo and slot games, and the Bingo couple makes things better for players by visiting bingo players every Saturday night in Lucky Stripes room. They play special tournaments and give away freebies, and you can be one of the winners as well. After a lovely night at Lucky Pants Bingo, the bingo couple watch the trailer, and they have their specific pictures of how the movie will end. While Betty thinks that it’s going to be a sad scene, Luke thinks that it will end as a happy family.

Betty and Luke have already understood the plot of the movie from the trailer. The movie revolves about Timothy and his new baby brother. Timothy used to love living as the only child with his mom and dad, however, an unfortunate day, they tell him that he now has a baby brother. At first, Timothy is quite suspicious of the baby as he wears a suit and carries a briefcase. Tim also hears the baby talking like adults, and the baby seems quite mentally grown-up for his age. One day Tim catches the baby doing a meeting with other babies and he tries to record the conversation, so that he can make his parents hear it. But the babies see him and manage to destroy the recording. On the other hand, the parents see the kids fighting in the yard, but they think of it as children playing.

Finally, the baby introduces himself to Tim as the Boss Baby, and they decide to work together so that his “little” brother can go back to his real-life, while Tim can go back to being a sole child. Their mission is to find out why puppies are receiving more love than babies! First of all, they start by pretending to love each other in front of their parents, and they try to patch things. At the end of the movie, they… Well, that’s all that the trailer shows!

Produced by DreamWorks Animation, this movie has been directed by Tom McGrath, and has been written by Michael McCullers. It features the voice of Alec Baldwin for Boss Baby, and the other characters’ voices have been played by Miles Christopher Bakshi, Jimmy Kimmel, Steve Buscemi, Lisa Kudrow and Tobey Maguire. Until now, Boss Baby has received mixed comments from viewers, but it has already engrossed $200 million from the worldwide release.

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