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The Benefits of Learning How to Play a Musical Instrument

19th Mar 2021

If you’ve played sports at any time in your life, you’ve likely played a musical instrument during your time of athletic prowess. As a result, you have a knack for sniffing out the best of what any of life’s indulgences has to offer, like being able to uncover the best online casinos that pay out via common payment methods and pay out swiftly too.

Whether it’s drumming in the band during PE, playing air guitar with the guys in the gym or air drumming for two hours in your basement on a Saturday night, music offers an experience that makes both sports and other entertainment seem tame.

Additionally, music has a healing effect on our bodies, mind and souls. It’s not the exercise or physical aspects of music that heals us, it’s the knowledge of what it means and the talents we hone through the experience. This is the reason that artists and musicians make the most successful corporate executives, founders and leaders. Music is the universal language that allows you to both see the world from a different perspective, and offers you the opportunity to heal from things.

As of last year, almost 30 percent of parents said they played an instrument when they were young, according to the National Music Education Association. (This data was updated on May 15, 2017.) Of the parents who played an instrument when they were young, about half played piano or violin, the NAEA said. Although most parents don’t consider themselves talented musicians or artists, they play music still. What they’re missing is the motivation and ability to learn.

If you want to learn how to play a musical instrument, here are some benefits to consider:

Creative and Educational

In addition to giving you an ability to play any tune, musical instruments also allow you to create a myriad of sounds. According to the National Music Education Association, learning how to play a musical instrument allows you to experience all the creative and creative options that music provides.

At first, the songs you create will be one-dimensional and straight-forward, but over time, your musical talents will help you realize the opportunity that music offers. As you become a more seasoned musician, you’ll be able to play more complicated tunes that feature different rhythms, harmonics, intervals and music tones. You’ll develop a musical mind and add another component to your personality that you can’t acquire from being a non-musician. You’ll be able to create music with people, including your boss, colleagues and clients.

Creative and Adventurous

Whether you’re playing an instrument, taking a dance class, exploring a new city, trying out new foods or even learning a new language, learning a musical instrument expands your ability to see things from different perspectives and experience things in a way that you haven’t in the past.

The more you use your creativity and imagination, the more you’ll benefit from life. As you’re exploring new countries, you’ll be able to see people and places with new eyes and put yourself in other people’s shoes. You’ll learn the language, history and customs of the people around you.

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