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Telling Your Family Stories Online

21st Sep 2017

One of the more intriguing aspects of the digital and connected age is the fact that families can potentially tell their story online in a manner that they see fit. There’s something to be said for keeping family photo albums, cards from family members, letters and notes to each other, and putting them in a box for archiving. But there’s also something to be said for publishing who you are as a family by establishing a web presence.

Some of the types of stories that you can tell that relate to your family could be stories of addiction recovery, or publishing thoughts, pictures, and ideas from vacation. You might create a living family tree online. Or perhaps if your family owns a business, you can use your online presence to promote yourself from that angle.

Addiction Recovery

One of the harder stories but your family may have is if someone is going through addiction recovery. However, many parents find that talking openly not only helps themselves as a unit but also is a resource for other people who are trying to move through tough points in their lives. If you’re going to put together an addiction recovery website, you do want to understand blog management concepts, even if you’re just approaching the subject casually.

Vacation Stories

On a brighter note, you can set up a vacation website for your family. You can include pictures of the places that you went. You can have a video of household members telling stories about their favorite experiences. You can hook it to a Facebook account, a YouTube channel, or live updates via Twitter. This isn’t necessarily to show off, but it is to share family experiences, and all of you can learn about technology and online production during the process as well.

Family Tree

Have you ever looked into your family tree? There is a fascinating history behind everyone’s genetic past. If you want, you can mix your archived family tree with present-day information as well. In other words, online, you can create a living family tree that family members can appreciate and add to whenever they feel like something significant has happened. And to do this, you can always take the help of resources and websites like Genealogy Bank (see page for more info) that can help you track your family history.

Family-Owned Business Narrative

And finally, if your family owns a business, creating an online narrative is an excellent idea for potential clients to look at to see who you are and where you came from. This could be particularly useful and intriguing if you own a restaurant for example, or if you’re a big part of the community that you live in. You don’t necessarily have to sell things when you’re telling these particular stories, but giving people a reason to trust you is one way to use the latest technology to benefit your family.


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