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Teaching Your Children To Respect Their Elders

18th Jan 2017

These days there seems to be a difference in the youth- some of them are very nice and some of them seem like little tyrants. Why are parents teaching their children so differently from one another in this day and age? It could be that there are a couple of different generations raising children, and each of them have been raised differently as well.

More children need to learn to be kind, talk nicely, hold doors, and say thank you. It’s not that difficult to instill these things into a child. Start from the moment they are old enough to talk, with ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’, and go from there. Here is a little help.

Importance Of Older Generations

Grandparents and even great grandparents, if you still have some living, are the generations with all of the stories of your family history. It is because of them that you and your children are here, so why not teach your children about them (whether or not they are alive, actually).

The elderly people in your life may need help, and someone watching over them, but they also have things to share with you yet. Find out their stories and record them, before it’s too late. This can be a really fun project to do with your children, and they will learn so much about the world while doing it.

Teaching Empathy

In this day and age, it seems like more and more people are concerned with themselves and think less and less of the people around them. Instead of raising your children to be lost within themselves, teach them to care about other people. There are many ways to do this.

Consider taking your children to a local nursing home or a hospital and signing them up to volunteer. They could read to the people in the hospital or nursing home or any other nice things that will allow them to learn how to interact with older people. They’ll learn how to be polite and caring.

Teaching Manners

Not only should you teach your children to learn from older generations and to feel for them, but you also need to teach your children how to respect others, in general. Not only do they need to respect their elders, but they should also respect their peers. It’s a very important thing to do and it can help them better communicate and better relate to other people.

‘Please’ and ‘Thank you” are a great place to start, but it also means speaking to people in the right tone to saying the right things to them. You don’t want your words to make others feel uncomfortable. You should teach them to open and hold doors for people, to say ‘Bless you” when someone sneezes, and even to say ‘Hello” and smile when they meet someone, or someone says ‘Hi’ to them.

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