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Surprise Your Kid with These 5 Gifts During the December Holidays

26th Dec 2018

If you have a young one who you’re still shopping for as the holidays approach, then you might find yourself in a quandary. What should you get them? You’ll need to consider their age and their interests, not to mention how much money you’d like to spend. You might wish to look into one of those cruiser skateboards that are so popular these days if your child is athletic, or you might want to go with something like a drone if they like the latest gadgets. Here are five suggestions that they’re sure to love. 

Little Live Pets Rollie My Kissing Puppy

Rollie is the gift made by Little Live Pets that will make your child laugh with delight. It acts like a real puppy, complete with a wagging tail, but with no need for daily walks. Each Rollie comes complete with a collar and tag, and adoption papers. If your child wants a pet but isn’t old enough yet for the real thing, Rollie makes a great compromise. 

Anki Cozmo

The Anki Cozmo is a fun toy for kids that’s also educational. It’s a robot with a user-friendly interface, and it teaches kids about coding. It’s very durable, so it can resist getting kicked around, and it comes with its own charger. You need an iOS or an Android device so that you can get the Cozmo app, which is free. This toy will encourage your child to grow creatively, and they’ll learn skills that will serve them well down the line. 

Lego Creator Expert Winter Toy Train

If your kid can’t get enough Lego, this Toy Train set is the ideal gift. It’s for expert builders, and it comes with a full circle track. The train, once assembled, goes around the track, and there’s a decorated Christmas tree in the center that spins. Five mini-figures come with it, including a boy and girl, the conductor, a grandmother, and the ticket collector. Where the love of trains and Lego intersects, you will find this holiday favorite. 

Ezyroller Ride-On Car

The Ezyroller Ride-On Car lets your child roll around the playground or up the sidewalk with ease. They can sit low to the ground as they peddle to achieve top speed, and it has an extendable bar as your young ones grow into it. There are even versions for adults, so the two of you can go on rides together. A helmet is recommended, and possibly pads to avoid any bruises and bumps.

 Power Wheels Wild Thing

The Power Wheels Wild Thing is the battery-powered vehicle that will have your kid whizzing up and down the block. Designed for ages 5-10, it comes with dual joysticks for steering and can reach a top speed of up to 5 mph. It has large, durable tires, and an extra wide seat for kids of all sizes. There are also four parental-controlled speed settings.

The holidays are sure to be filled with joy for your kids this year with any one of these great choices. Be sure and keep your eyes on them so they remain safe, and they will thank you for making this season a special and memorable one.

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