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Smartphones or Laptops?

5th Oct 2016

We often come across many today, who believe that life would be impossible without smart phones. They would in fact instantly panic if they left their phones at home accidentally or would have their phone charge running out. Laptops have always been popular when it comes to the professional world, however there are also many smartphone users who feel that it’s really not mandatory to own a laptop.

On comparing the two gadgets, laptops and smartphones both have it’s own pros and cons. Whereas both can cover a range of similar functions, there are certain activities for which either of the two gadgets would be useful.


Streaming music, movies, playing games and TV series online, it’s possible to do this with both a laptop or a smartphone. However, considering the selection of gaming possibilities, the limited size of a smartphone screen could affect your enjoyment of certain types of entertainment. However, when you’re on the move, on the bus, and so on, watching movies on a laptop is far from convenient and so a mobile would be the perfect device, along with this moviebox app, to consume entertainment on.

With certain games, both devices are equally good. For instance, if you want to play a few games of bingo or poker, these games are accessible on mobile devices as well as laptops.

If you’re home, you might choose to play certain games on a bigger screen, but if you’re on a crowded train, or waiting for someone, it’s far easier to play bingo games at Bingo Diamond which is a an online bingo site that can be accessed through mobile devices as well.

Though both devices can be used to play music the mobile device presents better portability. You could use a phone to listen to music probably while your traveling or going on a jog.

But when it comes to doing a written assignment for work or study, using a spreadsheets its much better having a laptop around. Well for most people, there’s a reasonable case to be keeping both a laptop and a phone handy. Whats your forte? Laptops or smart phones?

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