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Simple Tips For Maintaining A Pest Free Home

24th Jan 2020

No matter where you live, there’s always a threat of pests in your home.  If you don’t take the proper steps to make your home inhospitable for mice, bugs, and other household pests, then you’ll be less likely to struggle with an infestation.  

If you’re a new homeowner, or you simply don’t know how to protect your home, take the time to research useful solutions.  Here is a brief summary of a few simple tips that will help you better maintain a pest-free home.  

Schedule regular pest control visits

Your first line of defense is regular visits from the pest control professionals, which should provide your home with a healthy dosage of terminix florida, or any region you live for termites and other agents for various different pests. Getting a specialist to come round means that you get extra care and attention to detail for your pest problems because if you end up doing it yourself you could miss areas and the pests could return back in no time at all. Therefore, you can ward off all sorts of troublesome creatures and even fight against a termite invasion by simply having a pest professional come out to your home regularly.  

Keep your home’s kitchen clean

Your kitchen has the potential to be a haven for pests of all shapes and sizes.  It’s important to keep this area of your home clean and tidy. Food can hide in some pretty amazing places over time, so make sure you get deep with your cleaning from time to time.  

Keep the food you have stored in your pantry sealed up tight, so pests don’t have the opportunity to make their way into your stores.  You also want to thoroughly clean your kitchen after a visit from the pest control guy/girl.  

Clean the bathroom regularly

It’s important to keep your bathroom dry and free of mold/mildew buildup.  Make sure there’s not a small hairball monster living in your bathtub drain, and clean your toilet at least once per week.  Do the same for your bathroom sinks.  

Keep your home free of standing water

Standing water is bad for your home in more ways than one.  Standing water around the foundation of your property can cause cracks in the foundation, standing water is a great breeding spot for mosquitoes.  Do what it takes to keep pools of water from making a home around your home. 

Keep your fruits and veggies fresh

When you leave your fruits and veggies out in the open for too long, they begin to decompose.  Decomposing food is a great place for flies and other insects to begin breeding.  When your fruits and veggies hit the overripe point, throw them out.  

Maintain the screens on your windows

The screens on your windows are there to deny entry to pests and animals alike.  It’s important to make sure you don’t have untended holes in your home’s screens.  Quickly repair holes when you see them, and completely replace any screens that are damaged beyond repair.  

Rid your home of clutter

Lots of clutter in your home makes room for dark, trafficked areas where pests can set up shop.  Roaches love a good cardboard box, and a room full of cardboard boxes is even better!

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