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Signs Your Spouse Might Be An Alcoholic

31st Jan 2017

Sometimes you might find yourself suspecting whether your spouse is abusing alcohol. The signs may not always be apparent.  Sometimes you may find yourself wondering what exactly the signs are.


Many people have a hard time seeing the difference between casual consumption and when it has evolved into a full-blown addiction and requires rehab.  

Once you take a look at all of the warning signs and weigh out what your assessment is, then you can make an educated decision on what steps to take next.

Here are some of the most telltale signs that your husband or wife may be an alcoholic.

They Drink Heavily

When a casual glass of wine with dinner becomes a whole bottle, and another, this is a pretty clear indication of an unhealthy relationship with alcohol.  The frequency of how much they drink in addition to the quantity which they consume is almost always a sign of alcoholism.

Keep an eye on whether they are able to stop drinking or can’t seem to stop filling their glass until they are passed out asleep.  Alcoholics don’t have an “off” switch inside of their brains that tell them that it is time to stop drinking.

This is the key difference between an addict and a regular person.  Addicts do not have the trigger inside of them to stop consuming.  They only know how to keep going until they learn the proper tools.

They Are In Denial About Their Drinking

If you have brought up their drinking frequency and they seem to be completely oblivious to your concerns even to the point of getting angry or violent, this may be a sign that they are heavily addicted.

Addict behavior usually involves denying that they have a problem and making excuses for why they need to drink.  They may say that they need to relax, or it de-stresses them.  You will find that addicts never run out of excuses and lies about their drinking until they get help.

They Black Out

If your spouse tends to forget conversations you had after they had a long night of drinking, this is an indicator of alcohol abuse.

Blacking out is a form of alcohol poisoning and occurs when the body has high levels of toxicity.  In some cases blacking out can lead to serious injury, pain to others, and even death.

Their Behavior Changes Dramatically When Drinking

If your husband or wife has a distinctly different personality when they drink, then this is a sign of alcoholism.  Sometimes all it takes is one glass to bring out their latent drunk personality.

Drunk behavior can vary from being overly sentimental and talkative, to angry, sad or violent.

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