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Save Up Those Memories Like You Save Up Those Pennies

3rd May 2016

There was a time, quite recently, where people took physical photographs with bulky digital cameras or small plastic disposable ones. They were physical, you had them printed and you hung them on walls. Then the mobile phone came and a lot of people took hundreds of photos wherever they were because they always had a camera with them, but then they got a new phone the old photos were lost. Luckily, with the cloud, it’s easier to take and keep photos (still a pain to get hold of a physical version though), which is great as now people are holding onto their memories like they used to, but I know there is a small group of people now who were born at the transition period that hardly have anything to remember their childhood by, as the photos are all lost on old Nokias and flip phone Samsungs. It’s important as parents to ensure your children have keepsakes and memories from their childhood. There are so many teenagers nowadays who have animosity for their parents for no good (non-Freudian) reason. Most of them seem to turn around by their mid-twenties, and so it’s up to you to remind them where they started and that their family is always there and has always been there.


Toys and Games

Kids have toys, whether it’s Barbies or cuddly Simba toys and keeping hold of them, even when they are no longer wanted can be a great thing as when they are in the mid-twenties and rooting around in old boxes they will find their Simba toy and – if you’ve done your parenting right – will get a rush of warmth and emotion for their childhood and you. I love finding little toys and bits of seemingly random rubbish that have a really deep meaning for me at my parent’s house that I’d forgotten about.


I touched on this above, but photos are more important than we realise. The human brain is constantly growing and changing and things get forgotten, they are pushed aside and new things take their place. Photos enable the brain to remember what it thought it had lost – almost like a computer’s recycling bin. My dad recently had to find something in the loft and emerged with a giant cardboard box full of, literally, thousands upon thousands of photos stretching back to when my grandparents were kids. We spent days pouring over them and laughing whilst we reminisced. It made each and every one of us happy, plus we got to share it with all our extended family and friends who featured in them too; transferring the happiness. Don’t underestimate the value and power of photos. They might not seem like much now, but in 40 years they will mean the world.

Make Keepsakes

If you’re about to be a parent, you should actively make things to pass down and keep forever. Whether it’s making memories, by planning day trips where you can take photos to keep forever or something more tangible, like a new-born diamond, made from the hair of your new baby. You can keep it forever as a memory of your love and family and then pass it onto them so that they can give it to their children as a way to remember their parents.

I can’t tell you how to make memories, as it’s different for everyone, I can only stress the importance of remembering your loved ones and the moments that made you the happiest.

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