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Rolex – The King of Wrist Wear

30th Oct 2018

The name Rolex can never be unfamiliar to any individual. It is the dream of any watch enthusiast to own a Rolex and wear it proudly on his wrist. A symbol of wealth, pride and elegance, a Rolex is worth the investment you commit to. This luxury watch brand based in Switzerland was founded in London in 1905 and moved to Geneva in 1919. The largest single high-end watch brand, Rolex has been featured in the Forbes magazine for being 64th in the world regarding the world’s most powerful brands.

Why choose Rolex?

Around one million watches manufactured are imported from Switzerland which bears the Rolex crown on its dial every year. It is the world’s most recognized luxury mechanical watch available. It is also considered as one of the most often worn classy watch in the world and a prized collectible. One of the most interesting facts about Rolex is the ageless factor.

It does not come out with drastically different designs every year and instead maintains a solid identity that surpasses time and stays almost ageless. In fact, unless you are an avid watch collector who specializes in Rolex, you would find a hard time finding the differences between a Submariner from 1964 and one from 2014.

It is integral to understand that a luxury watch, unlike a regular one, is not just any device that tells time. It is a piece of wrist wear with immense value and will last across decades without facing issues. Probability states that the watch you buy today will be passed down to your son when the time is due. Also, almost the entire cost could be recovered, should you decide to sell your Rolex with a company like this Cheshire Gold Xchange, in times of need or if you are bored by the design and wish to buy a new one.

The fact that trends of designs fluctuate over the years but the class of a Rolex watch stays constant through the ages proves the thought process instilled behind the design and production of this watch. So, if you look at the Rolex watch you bought ten years ago, you will notice that the design, as well as its class, stays intact and appears ageless.

If you are looking to buy a luxury watch that beats any odds, Rolex is the answer for it. Its durability, accuracy, sturdiness, and reliability makes it like none else. All models from the Rolex brand are equally fantastic and up to the mark. Before you choose a model it is important to consider the attire you regularly sport and what would go with it. From the Submariner to the Daytona, every model the company has released is a class apart. This can further be deduced from the fact that a lot of people who work in the watch industry own a model of their own.

The synonym for rich and powerful

People often dream of owning a Rolex, but for different reasons. The communicative power of status, power and wealth aside, this is also one of the finest wrists wears to give you a personality edge. An individual feels the need to get a Rolex when he gets a taste of success. This piece of jewelry is often considered an apt gift to celebrate achievement as it simply whispers success.

A common query regarding Rolex is regarding the apt time to buy it. While some say you should buy one as soon as you can afford it, others differ. A Rolex watch is simply a class apart and you can never want to try another after you’ve owned a Rolex. After sampling out enough watches, and when the right level of success calls you out, it could be the perfect time to own a Rolex watch.

To finally own a Rolex, it is recommended to approach a prestigious retailer such as Frost NYC. It is essential to ensure that the Rolex you purchase is an original as well. A reputed retailer can ensure the originality of the Rolex with the help of the serial numbers and the details that can be obtained with it.

Things to know about how a Rolex watch is made

Rolex is unlike any other brand and is privately held and independently run. This brand takes the swiss discreteness to another level as no outsiders are allowed into the factory or allowed to take photographs. Here are a few factors regarding the creation of a Rolex watch.

The unique steel: Rolex uses expensive and difficult-to-machine steel due to its aesthetic quality. The steel used is visibly different and is more corrosion resistant as compared to other quality steels. Most watches use steel called 316L while Rolex uses 940L steel which no other brand uses. It is harder and more durable and gains an incredible shine when polished, which lasts through the years. The steel is also more resistant to wear and tear due to this factor. The skill required to work with this steel is high and the cost is high as well. This is one of the reasons Rolex remains the only brand to maintain this factor.

Rolex has an independent science laboratory: Rolex owns several high end and well-equipped laboratories dedicated to research new technology as well as conduct studies to understand how to increase the efficiency and to perfect the manufacturing techniques. These diverse labs are virtually interesting and simulate different kinds of potentially harmful environments where the watch is tested to ensure it can withstand harm.

The chemical laboratory even develops oils and lubricants to use in the machines during the manufacturing process. These labs are used on a regular basis to find and eradicate problems. Another interesting laboratory is the stress test room. Here the devices undergo tests that simulate wear and rough usage by custom-made machines.

Hand assembled parts: The common assumption made by many is the myth that Rolex watches are machine made. Although parts of the watch are machine made, most of the machines are human operated. They handle a collection of robotic machines to handle the tasks where the human hand is weak at. However, everything from movements to bracelets is assembled by human hands. Expert technicians finish all the assembling of the parts made by machines with extreme accuracy. Rolex is a company that takes extreme care when it comes to quality control. Thorough tests are done on every product to ensure that they are free of faults. Rolex also re-tests movements for accuracy after the casing is done before they are dispatched to stores.

In-house foundry: The gold used in the Rolex watches are made in the company’s own foundry. The same can be said for platinum as well. 24k gold is brought into the factory and it is turned into 18k in order to gain the specific shade of yellow.

White and Rolex Everose gold is also crafted here. This is a specific non-fading version manufactured by Rolex. Large kilns are put into use to melt and mix the metals for the cases and bracelets. Due to the presence of the foundry, Rolex can ensure the aesthetic perfection of the watches as well. The Brand remains the sole watch brand that owns a foundry.

Superior technology: The pragmatic philosophy followed by Rolex dictates that where human hands are better at, the task is handled by them while in the case where machines can handle it better, the task is completed that way. Machines are a huge investment for most watchmakers and that remains the reason why they are less used.

If any parts are required by a watchmaker, an order is placed within the system and the product will be delivered within a few minutes. Therefore the supply room forms the epicenter of Rolex’s automation prowess. The polishing is done by the machine as well as by hand to ensure the lustrous coat of the watch.

Top notch security: Rolex security is highly uptight as well as fail proof. Due to the foundry along with the fact that the factories hold watches worth a fortune, the security only seems necessary. They also hold a high-security safe held underground to protect their supreme valuables.

The desks of every employee require their ID badge to be docked into it at all times, after being identified with a biometric fingerprint system. Each Rolex watch movement also owns a unique serial number which is documented and matched with its respective case, which again sports a unique serial number. If the watch requires servicing in the future, the watchmaker can refer the serial numbers to gather all details about the wrist wear.

High-pressure testing: Rolex Oyster watches are additionally tested for water resistance. The methodology followed for this is with the help of an air-pressure tank. The watch is placed into the pressure tank, and if any pressure change is detected, it is deduced that air has leaked into the case. The dive watches receive an extreme and intense testing as well.

Rolex watches such as Submariner and Deep Sea are tested in genuine water as well. This is an extremely rare form of testing and involves the watch being immersed into large tubes, filled with water to ensure that they can resist the pressure and stay water resistant up to 300m. All these tests combined with extreme care ensure the quality of this prestigious piece of jewelry is of the highest order.

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