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Re-Decorating When the Kids Have Grown a Little

11th Sep 2016

When you’re doing up the decorations for your interiors as a new homemaker, you likely don’t feel as if you have as much freedom and leeway to decorate in the exact way you really want. Either one of two scenarios holds you back from perhaps getting that contemporary piece your heart truly desires from Moleta Munro, one being that of the financial constraints which usually come with being a new homemaker, while the other is perhaps a consideration of how everything will work out with growing children around.


Look, this and other specialist brands definitely have some of what you’d call “child-friendly” furniture pieces, but that’s not what they’re primarily about — you wouldn’t realistically be specifically looking for child-friendly furniture pieces or other child-friendly interior decor and household items at a Moleta Munro. This is where you go when your youngest of children have perhaps grown up a little bit and none of your kids are constantly looking for ways to hurt themselves on the sharp corners of your contemporary furniture, lighting, accessories and other interior household items made more for style than anything else (except quality of course; you always want quality).

Gradual transition

Make absolutely no mistake about it — the transition is a somewhat difficult one. It’s really hard to make the switch from recent- or new-mum mode to contemporary style-hedonist when you’ve had to constantly second guess yourself while out shopping for anything. If it’s been a style versus child-friendliness battle over the few years that it takes to raise a baby and watch them grow past the toddler phase and into stable childhood, you definitely won’t be able to switch modes in an instant, no matter how well you’ve been trying to keep up with current trends and styles.

So the transition has to be a gradual one. You can’t just switch everything up and re-do your entire interior. It can be really difficult to know where to start, even if you truly believe you already have the final, overall picture all mapped out in your head. Perhaps you might even have a visually-represented outcome to point to, like a picture of a completed interior you have in mind for your place. Even then, the style transition from “typical mother” to “contemporary style tastemaker” should begin with some of the smaller items for smaller changes, like rugs and lighting.

Somewhat of a quantum leap then has to take effect, during which you turn your focus to those parts of the interior decor which in a sense “make” the interiors — the focal points of the interior, like the furniture pieces. Some things can always be tweaked or changed later, but generally you just have to make it work with the furniture pieces you choose, so you really need to take your time.

Also remember that your specific interior spaces at home are probably different to those in which the furniture in the store is displayed. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the way in which it’s all displayed in the store is the absolute best way. Make it your own and create with it a home environment you feel comfortable with. This is how to project your own style through your living space.

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