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Raising Twins – Top Parenting Advice

10th Jan 2017

“There are two things in life for which we are never truly prepared: twins.” – Josh Billings

Having a baby is the greatest thing that can happen to you. Having two babies is twice as better, but also, twice as complicated. Even the most stable, experienced and prepared parents are often puzzled about raising twins. There will be days when you will be struggling to remain sane. There will be days when the trouble will be double. But most of the days, the happiness and love will be double. You need to equip yourself with patience, patience, and did we mentioned, patience. Now, let us talk about this super difficult and supper exciting life role – being a parent of twins.


Listen to Your Inner Voice

It doesn’t matter how many books do you read or how many classes you attend, you can never rely on those too much. You already brought these two lovely kids to the world, so you must know something about them. Everything is more complicated with twins, not because they are generally puckish, but because they always have a partner-in-crime – that is something no book will tell you.

Have a Schedule

You have two hands, two babies – how difficult can it b e? Well, actually very much, unless you are a professional bodybuilder, who, by the way, has incredibly stable nerves. It doesn’t get easier when you become toddlers neither. You can hear “Mommy, mommy” from each side. Establishing a schedule early on (bedtime routine, nursing time, meals, etc.) will last years after, and the kids will learn to have patience.

Crying Isn’t All Bad

Don’t feel guilty that you can’t give each baby your 100 percent. Here’s an example: it’s the middle of the night, and both of your twins woke up. You can’t run to two sides. Letting your babies cry actually isn’t that bad as it feels to you. In fact, a new study proved that letting babies cry out doesn’t raise their stress level, and that over time, that can contribute to their overall sleep quality. We know it’s hard not to jump out of bed on the very first sign of awaking, but try to be strong.

Organize Their Room

Stepping on one Lego is hard as it is, but stepping on two… Storage for toys is, after comfortable beds, the most important thing in kids’ room. And don’t make a mistake of thinking that twins naturally share everything. They too have the need to own something. So, try to make divide their room with different paint colors, themes, area rugs to mark play zones, etc. Manufacturers of kids rugs in Australia, USA and other countries usually offer collections of similar area rugs that can fit into the same design, while having different shapes, colors or patterns.

Ask for Help

Maybe you don’t need to be shattered with advice, but you do need a helping hand. That can be your mother, your partner’s mother, a friend or a babysitter. It is perfectly normal that you don’t have enough time, strength and patience to deal with everything all the time, and you shouldn’t feel ashamed to acknowledge that.

Have Some “Me Time”

And if you have help, you can have some “me time” to recharge the batteries. Going for a walk with your high school friend, attending a grownups-only dinner, visiting a spa, or simply lying with a bowl of popcorn and binge watching a Netflix show can have a positive impact on you. That doesn’t make you a worse parent. On the contrary, you are gathering strength to be a better one.

One final thing to remember is that not all babies are the same, which also means that not all twins are the same. As they are growing up, your twins will develop their own personalities that can be very different. Try to respect that and approach them accordingly.


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