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Picking Out the Perfect Baby Shower Gift

12th Sep 2019

Selecting a gift for a baby shower can sometimes be overwhelming. You want to give the mom something she’ll absolutely love, but the second you step foot in a store or shop online, there are a thousand products screaming for your attention. There is so much out there! So It’s hard to know what moms will actually need and love, and what might end up in the back of a closet—or worse—regifted.


Here are some highly-rated items that moms love and use again and again.

Hands-Free Gifts

One of the most perfect baby shower gifts is an ergonomic baby carrier. It is going to make mom’s and dad’s lives so much easier. Parents love baby carriers and never take a family outing or vacation without them. They are oftentimes more functional and practical than strollers during family outings or shopping trips. Depending on the age and weight of the child, the carrier can be used in so many ways, safely holding children from early newborn days all the way up until 48 months!


Portable play yard. These things are awesome and way better than an ordinary-sized Pack ‘n Plays. When moms or dads need free hands without worrying what their baby is getting into, a play yard is a total stress saver. All they have to do is pop it open, add some toys, and trust that their baby is safe. It can even be used during toddler years. Play yards can be used both indoors and outdoors, and are great for family picnics.

On a Budget? Here are smaller gift options

Binky animal holders. These things are very affordable and extremely useful. It’s almost unbelievable how easy it is to lose a binky (or three) each day. But when they’re attached to an adorable little stuffed animal, they are much, much easier to keep track of. Plus, the holders can be tossed in the washer for an easy clean.


Wipe warmer. It’s easy to love this gift! Warmed wipes means less crying and more comfort for little ones. These are generally quite affordable and moms won’t have to worry about it getting too hot. The warmer keeps baby wipes at a perfect temperature that is always soothing to baby bums.


It’s tempting to buy an adorable pair of newborn sneakers or mary janes, but they end up being so impractical and almost never get used. Instead, gift Stay-on baby booties, which do exactly that! They stay on tiny newborn feet even better than socks do. They are secured with little snaps that remain snug while keeping baby feet nice and warm. Plus, the elastic bands and dual snaps mean an easy adjustment to fit fast-growing feet. Moms love them!

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