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Photography Challenge: Don’t Drive, Walk & Take Photos

12th Sep 2022

You have probably come across various photography challenges and accepted them too. Here is one you will find interesting. The challenge is that you don’t drive, but go for a walk while you take photographs.

When we travel, we tend to use the car a lot. While driving, you miss out on many photo opportunities. When you take a leisurely walk, you will spot many great subjects for your photographs.

On Car Free Day this year, ditch your car. Go for a walk and take great photos. Not only will you get the best photos but you will also have the benefit of a refreshing walk to help you burn calories.

Walk and take photos

There is a term called ‘photowalking’. It refers to photo enthusiasts taking a walk and looking around for photo opportunities. They can take photos of whatever interests them. Whether you accept this challenge individually or with a group of friends, walking and taking photos is a great idea.

When you drive, you move so fast that you can miss out on spotting things to photograph. When you walk, you can pace yourself. This will ensure you can find great photo ideas. A leisurely walk also ensures you get time to plan and compose your shot for the best effect. Here are some ideas for photos to take while you walk.

1) Take photos of nature

Walking is the best way to get photos of nature. Even when you walk on a street, you will find great photo opportunities for nature photographs. You can photograph trees, plants, shrubs, and animals & birds. When you take a leisurely walk, you can get a 360-degree view of your surroundings. This will help you plan your nature photos better.

2) Take photos of wildlife

If you like wildlife photography, then walking is the only way you can get the best photos. You can shoot wildlife photos while driving, but you cannot expect to take great photos. The sound and movement of vehicles will scare away wildlife. When you walk in the wilderness, you can position yourself behind bushes or hillocks. This will allow you to get the best photos of wildlife in close-up.

3) Shoot kids playing in a park

Some of the most lovable photos are of kids playing. These are photos that will make people go ‘Wow, so cute!’ If you want such photos, all you need to do is take a walk in the park during the evening times. That’s when kids are busy playing. You will get great natural photos of kids having fun while playing. Kids are at their best when they are enjoying a game. Their joy comes out through their smiles and laughter. Capturing this on your camera will help you get the best photos. Where required, do take permission from the parents before you shoot.

4) Take tourism photos

The place you live, or you are visiting would have tourist spots. Go on a walk in those areas and keep clicking away. You will find that you can get some of the best photos of top tourist spots. You can take photos of tourist spots with tourists moving around naturally and enjoying their visit. If you want to shoot buildings or monuments without people, then visit at sunrise. This will allow you to get photos without people photobombing them.

5) Take photos of the city

A busy city with people moving around and vehicles moving on the street can seem uninspiring. But you can get good photos of city life. You can walk around in busy areas, as well as not-so-busy areas of the city. You will find good opportunities to shoot photographs that appear natural. You can capture the essence of city life through your photos. This is possible only when you walk.

Now that you know what to shoot, it is time to know how to shoot with some useful tips:

  • Hold your camera high and point down while shooting photos in a busy city.
  • Try to separate your subject from the background. Ensuring a bit of space between the subject and the background makes for a good photo.
  • If you walk while you shoot, a bit of blur is fine. It makes the photo look natural.
  • Enjoy the entire process of walking and shooting. This will help you have fun, which will reflect in the photos you take.
  • Get more close-up shoots when you shoot on the street.
  • Keep clicking and take more photos, so you can choose the best later.


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