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Parents Of Students Athletes: What Gear Is Worth It?

8th Jun 2016

If you’re the parent of a student athlete, especially a younger one (like middle school age, for instance) then it might be difficult for you to determine exactly what type of gear is appropriate to purchase for you kid during different stages of development, and for which sports.


For children, what type of quality matters when it comes to things like running shoes, football gear, soccer equipment, hockey gear, or even things like weights for weight-lifting? Kids are getting started earlier than ever on these events, and even if they aren’t competitive at that level, they are training for when that curtain does drop soon in the future.

Running Shoes

If your child is interested in running during the middle school years, how important is the quality of the shoes that you buy him or her? At that age, it’s probably not necessary to buy the expensive stuff because they only run so fast, and they only run so far. Moving further on in age when things get competitive (say high school for instance), the higher-end and possible even more customizable running shoes will be in order.

Football Gear

Football gear is an interesting point of contention for many parents, especially for younger children. Parents want to be super sure that the kids stay safe, but the price tags for full outfits can be quite shocking. If there is team gear available for use, that’s usually the best option, but for the really emphatic younger player, you can always buy full youth gear that specifically suits their physical requirements (read tall, short, broad, etc.).

Soccer Equipment

The most important item that you’re probably going to buy for your young soccer player is the best shinguard that you can purchase. One of the worst, most painful, and most common injuries that young players run into is going to be a swift kick to the shins. If you don’t want to deal with nasty bruises or even potentially broken bones, pay the money for the good guards.

The Hockey Outfit

Yes, even the smaller children can play hockey at a young age, but you still don’t want them to get hurt, and that means buying the gear that will keep them safe. The smart money at that age is buying a helmet that fits and is as protective as possible for your particular child’s size. Concussions at that age are particularly preventable.

Weight Lifting Equipment

Though intense weight training isn’t going to start until later in life, you can still buy a general weight set for your middle school aged kids to add to their general fitness potential. Regardless of the sport they choose, some strength training is always going to be a positive thing.


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