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Only Trust a Trampoline Trusted by Australian Parents

4th Feb 2016

What parent wouldn’t want to get the world’s safest trampoline — after all, your child spends a lot of time jumping and playing, so why not make sure it’s the safest pastime? Your child’s safety is of the utmost importance at any time but mostly when they are participating in physical activity. A trampoline can be one of the most fun ways for children to spend hours of their time but also get some good old fashioned exercise, and if you do a little research into what trampoline to purchase, you can guarantee your child will have a fun and safe recreational experience on a trampoline.  

It is important to know what to look for when shopping for a trampoline. Many parents think that the first thing to look for is a brightly-colored frame or a net that guarantees the highest bounce. These fun factors are important for sure, or else why buy one in the first place? Of course, not all trampolines are created equally, so the first thing to look for should actually be safety. Most parents know only too well the potential for injuries when their child is at play. Throw in the added injuries that sports equipment can cause and it can be quite frightening.


Because the risk of injury for children and adults alike can be very serious, when you are looking for a trampoline, it’s useful to consider several features in regard to safety. A good place to start is with awards for safety, and the reasons for this should be fairly obvious. If a trampoline manufacturer is winning industry safety awards, then it would seem like a fine marriage between fun and protection for your children.The Parent Tested Parent Approved seal of approval or the International Design Award are just two of the many reputable awards in play equipment safety, and any company winning them clearly ranks safety high up on their mandate.

Unfortunately, the trampoline industry’s standards have been lagging behind and most designers have done little over the last 20 years to improve safety of trampoline models. According to the ABC, there is an increasing number of children being admitted to hospital with serious injuries suffered on trampolines, including broken bones, head injuries and severe abdominal trauma, according to trauma specialists at Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital. The good news is that one trampoline company has taken measures independently to improve the state of trampoline safety in the country.

Springfree Trampoline models use patented FlexiNet™ technology, which gives children a flexible net held together by strong compositerods. This allows the net to bend slightlyto greatly increase the shock absorbency when someone jumps into it. They also hide the metal frame below the bouncing surface so that children never come into contact. Another breakthrough is the elimination of steel springs that can pinch or otherwise injure bouncers. Springfree Trampoline uses a soft, pliable, and yet strong netting, held in place by curved flexible composite rods that offer give but hold the jumper in. Traditional trampolines use steel poles to hold the enclosure net in place. This not only creates a risk of injury from hitting the steel poles themselves, but the net has no shock absorbency which further increases the risk of injury. The use of composite rods instead of springs, and hiding these rods, like the frame, beneath the jumper, removes 90% of product-related trampoline injury. Finally, patented mats can absorb 30 times more weight and force than traditional pads, rounding out the complete safety package.

So when you do your shopping for atrampoline, you may want to consider some of these features. Choosing an industry leader in trampoline design such as Springfree Trampoline Australia will ensure that your family makes fun and exciting memories, while also staying injury-free.

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