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liveloTeaching Your Children Healthy Skin Care Routines

22nd Jun 2016

Everything is controversial these days, even the application of makeup. Some people will fault you if you don’t wear makeup and some will fault you if you do. In a day and age like this, it’s even more important to discuss things like this with your children, so they can understand why it’s important they do what is right for them.


It’s also important, these days, to help your kids be more conscience of their own health and wellness, and of the wellness of the planet they live on. Teach them when they need to go to a doctor or dermatologist, like when their acne is causing scarring, and when they can simply treat things at home (which will help them learn how to be more money savvy). Also, teach them how to shop for healthier skincare options.

Safe Makeup Use

Teaching children about safe makeup use isn’t too difficult. It’s a matter of teaching them to read ingredients. The more things they can pronounce the better. Things like mineral makeup offer the safest options.

You can also teach them the importance of using makeup that isn’t tested on animals. Plus, it can be fun to do some experimenting with natural makeup ideas with them, like using beet juice as a lip stain. With a little online research you can find all sorts of natural makeup recipes on the internet.

Caring For Your Skin

Makeup is only part of the beauty routine you should be teaching your kids about. They also need to know how to take care of their skin, since it is the body’s biggest organ. Skincare is important for more than just your face as well.

Treating itchy skin is easy with oatmeal. You can soak in it, do a face mask with it, and if you have mosquito bites, make a poultice with oatmeal to put on the bites to help draw the itch out. Oatmeal is easy to get, and cheap, making it well worth having in your beauty regimen.

It’s not the only kitchen item that can help skin, but sometimes it’s easier to use something on your bathroom shelf, especially if you’re in a hurry and don’t have time for mixing and grinding ingredients. The key here is to know the ingredients.

Not only do ingredients matter, but just like makeup shopping, look for products that aren’t tested on animals. Look for stuff that say all natural or organic, and it can cut your shopping time down a bunch. What you buy also depends on whether you have dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, or sensitive skin.

Take your kids shopping with you, when it comes to skincare and makeup, so they can start to learn what to look for, even if they aren’t wearing makeup yet.

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