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Keeping Your Family Comfortable at Home with Climate Control

25th Apr 2018

When you think of some of the best ways that you can make your family more comfortable at home, where does your mind immediately go to? After a short amount of thought, it probably goes to climate control. Is your house the right temperature and have the right humidity level, and are you using sunshine and air to the best of your ability?

If you want to up the comfort level in your home for your family members, be sure to utilize heating the smart way, program your thermostat whenever it makes sense, use blinds and shades accordingly, and search for leaks that let in both air and moisture.

Heating the Smart Way

There are a few different ways to intelligently heat your home. One is by using the underfloor heating method. Or, you might have ductless heat pumps associated with separate rooms. Maybe you have a central furnace. And then potentially you have space heaters in each room as needed during the cold months. Ideally, you figure out how to not waste any money heating any rooms you don’t have to, and you’ll also find the most efficient way to convert energy into comfort consistently.

Programming Your Thermostat

If you have a programmable thermostat, it should always be programmed. You will want a different temperature during the day than you do at night. You will want different temperatures during the morning and the afternoon potentially. As soon as you lock in the most efficient way to do your heating and cooling, you’ll find that a programmable thermostat is an ideal way to make that process happen automatically. It might take some tweaking depending on the size of your household, but there is always the best set of settings to use to accomplish your climate control desires.

Using Blinds and Shades

It’s amazing how many people forget the power of shades and blinds to control the temperature in their house. Shades outside can help work with the angle of the sun. And blinds inside can make dramatic differences in heating and cooling on a room to room basis, particularly when you begin to account for which directions the windows face. Good shades and blinds do cost money, but they are well worth the investment.

Searching for Leaks

Even if you have the best climate control appliances and processes, all that is for naught if your home leaks. And these leaks can mean that air goes out or in, and these leaks can mean that moisture goes out or comes in. So before you get too involved with your air conditioning and heating, be sure that you scan through your home to look around windows and doors and at your roofline to make sure there are no places for water and air to escape or ingress.

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