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Keep Flu at Bay

29th Dec 2016

Holiday season is in full swing, but there is a downside to all the pretty lights, Christmas songs, and family meals: flu and cold are here as well. This means that in the middle of your favourite movie you will have to get up and get tissues because you have a runny nose, or you will feel exhausted all day long. Runny nose and headaches aside, the absolute worst is not being able to enjoy the beautiful evening walks and dinners with friends because you have the flu. Here is what you can do to keep flu at bay this winter.

Keep your hands clean

This may seem like an unnecessary reminder, but people really do forget to wash their hands as often as they should. Germs and bacteria are everywhere, and according to a recent research your mobile phone has 18 times more bacteria than an average toilet handle. This is because we keep our phones in our bags and pockets all day long, and we rarely remember to sterilize them. Even after you carefully wash your hands, you take up your phone as well as all the germs. So, the next time you go to the bathroom to wash your hands, you could sterilize your phone too.

Take in more vitamins

Vitamins are a source of health, and they are important all year long. However, with all the flu and the cold that December brings, it is wise to ‘spice it up’ a bit more. Fusion Health capsules and tonics can help you protect your health by boosting your immune system so that you avoid getting sick in the first place. On the other hand, if you feel like you’re coming down with something, start taking more vitamins not only in forms of capsules and tonics but in freshly squeezed juices and fresh fruit and vegetables too.

Start moving

Even though your first instinct might be to stay in the comfort of your warm home, this might prove as counterproductive. Exercise boosts both your metabolism and your immune system, and you will be less likely to get a cold if you work out regularly. Even if you get a cold or flu, it’s still safe for you to work out as long as you listen to your body and don’t push yourself too hard. Moderate exercise is great for your overall health so you don’t have to work as if you’re preparing for a marathon.

Plenty of rest

Getting enough rest is the key for overall good health, because when you’re exhausted all the time, your body just becomes ripe for the flu. Your immune system is weakened by the lack of sleep and too much work, and if you would like to stay healthy you should listen to your body carefully. An average person needs between seven and ten hours of sleep every day, but you should listen to your body and sleep for as long as you need.

Staying healthy when everyone around you seem to be battling fever, flu, and cold can be a real challenge. This is why it’s important to be disciplined and responsible: keeping work surfaces and your hands clean, and getting plenty of rest. Your body will certainly appreciate your efforts.

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