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Just One the Night before Christmas: Making a Christmas Eve Box is Fun and Offers a Personalized Touch

17th Oct 2017

It’s already that time of year again when we’re all getting geared up for Christmas, and no-one more so that the kids. It’s a time of year when we recreate all those special traditions our families have introduced into our celebrations over the generations and one of those is to create a kids’ Christmas Eve box. You can get a box from anywhere such as from your local food store, decorate it with a festive theme and pack it with trinket gifts that will make your kids’ Christmas Eve an extra special occasion.

When it comes to finding inspiration for Christmas Eve boxes ideas, many people prefer to include gifts that are novel, quirky or have some relevance to the holidays. What kid doesn’t enjoy opening a big box that’s crammed with gifts that although may not have tremendous financial value, are things that mean something to them. Christmas Eve boxes can become a part of your family tradition and something you can enjoy year after year.

Here we have some gift suggestions for Christmas boxes that are bound to delight any child this Holiday Season.

Unisex Striped 2-Piece Pajama Set from Arshiner

It’s always a good idea to get some basic things for your child to put in their Christmas Eve box. After all, children are pretty easy to please and although they obviously need to wrap up more in the colder months, you can make pajamas a gift and kill two birds with one stone. This pajama set is for either boys or girls and has a Festive theme and because they’re made of 100% cotton, they’ll be kept snug through the colder months.

‘Twas the Night before Christmas: Edited By Santa Claus

It’s undeniable that the legend of Santa Claus in as enduring as Christmas itself and this gift offers something personal from the man himself. An older festive poem, ‘Twas the Night before Christmas’ is a delightful and timeless tale that has been edited by Santa in this special edition for today’s kids. Awarded a gold medal by Moonbeam for best Holiday book, this is a fantastic gift for a Christmas Eve box, particularly as it is such a timeless classic, filled with gorgeous illustrations.

‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ (Re-Mastered Deluxe Edition)

Another timeless classic that’s closer to home is of course Charlie Brown and the digitally re-mastered version of A Charlie Brown Christmas is a sure-fire winner with kids during the Holidays. This is a feel-good movie that the whole family can enjoy and of course, it is set during the Christmas vacation too.

Children’s Kids Christmas Holiday Travel Mugs

Why not brighten up your kids’ holiday experience with some themed travel mugs. The come in a set of four and are small enough to easily fit inside your Christmas Eve box. In most cases, the simplest gifts are very well-received and this is particularly true of children. You can put your Charlie Brown DVD on and gather as a family, everyone armed with their favorite drink in one of these fun and funky holiday travel mugs.

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