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Interior Design: Dining room trends for 2020.

15th Nov 2019

Well, we are just one month and a half from a new year.

This 2020 is surrounded with big expectations in the world of interior design, as a year where some big trends will take a definitive impulse.

 As it was showed in the Milan Design Week 2019 in August, a sense of nostalgia for the Mid Century Modern period is still alive and in good health; somehow balanced with the traditional Country and the standard Scandinavian. There is a big return of marble as material; and a rise of natural, big plants, as elements of decor that will definitely stay here through 2020.

Source: Manhattan home design customer

When it comes to the universe of dining rooms, we can appreciate all these elements playing with each other with freedom, very far from style rigidness.

The eclecticism is somehow in every set of dining room right now. Once again, the Tulip Table, in all its versions, is a recurrent character, due to its versatility. Let’s take a look.

The Tulip Table will be present in 2020, due to its adaptability with materials such as marble, wood, and steel. It has the persistent charm of a golden era: practicality, beauty, style. All the attributes traditionally associated with the Mid Century Modern style. Its stainless steel base, slender and stylish, get crowned with the popular top of the season, and the effect in your room will be always the same: The Tulip Table is the center of the looks.

As a material of choice, in 2020 marble is making a big comeback. Marble hits the ceiling in every piece of furniture possible, even renewed with the arrival of the new kid in town: the green marble.

Source: Manhattan home design customer

The marble is one of the preferred materials to use on top of modern tables. It will bring you a pleasant look and a firm and clean space for work, or for having your dinner. Besides, its natural beauty, durability, and shine integrates seamlessly with the other dominant materials of the season: metal and wood, to bring us freshness and a sense of confidence and strength.

Big plants, marble, Mid Century Modern design, are the elements that we’ll be watching closely in 2020. Let’s enjoy this clean, fresh, and stylish feeling while having dinner with our guests or family. 

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