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Interesting Places for Exploring Tbilisi

13th Feb 2020

Getting to know Tbilisi is a very pleasant experience, because the old city perfectly fits into modernity. The capital has prepared many interesting places for guests, ranging from colorful courtyards, to the best casinos. Experienced players book junket tours to Tbilisi for a good weekend.

Road to Mother of a Georgian

Surprisingly, on the way to the monuments you can make as many discoveries as the monument itself and its atmosphere. Monument Mother of a Georgian greets guests with wine, and enemies with a sword. But the main thing is that on the way to this landmark starting from the Botanical Garden you can learn a lot about real Georgia. Making our way through the narrow streets along old houses, with satellite plates clinging awkwardly on balconies and cornices, and parked cars, you can hear how people live: ordinary family conversations, someone’s grunts, laughter, sincere laughter, football fans, playing backgammon, music and latest news.

Italian courtyard

In Tbilisi, many yards are called Italian, because they are also noisy, like Italians ones. People have a habit to do everything loudly: communicate, argue, do business, play something and even help each other. Many houses are in need of repair, conveniences are often absent, but people are in no hurry to leave them. Apparently, therefore, the atmosphere in the old residential neighborhoods is the same as a hundred years ago. But we recommend to look into the Italian courtyard on David Agmashenebeli Avenue, the former Plekhanov street, in the area of the old station, where there are several small theaters, such as the Dvizheniya theater.

Mediateca in Vake

There are several media libraries in Tbilisi, but the one located in Vake Park is considered to be the most popular because of its location and atmosphere. The media library is a public library with a reading room, with Russian, English and Georgian books, and there you can also work with your PC. The annual price for co-working subscription is ridiculously cheap only $ 7. Various master classes take place here, including for children. By the way, there children can have a great time – relax or just sleep while their parents are busy with education. And if reading does not interest you, then go up to the first floor of the Mediateca, there is a souvenir shop and a cozy cafe – a very popular youth place. Vake Park also deserves a walk through it.

Shangri La in Tbilisi

There are only a few casinos in the Georgian capital, but this is something that you should definitely see in order to give yourself a truly high-class vacation. An excellent choice would be Michael Boettcher’s Shangri La, a unit of Storm International (Darren Keane is the CEO) in the city heart near the famous Bridge of Peace. The institution has many awards and is recognized as the best in Tbilisi. And this is not surprising, because it is managing by Storm International, Darren Keane, has taken many steps to bring the establishment to the international level.

Lisi Lake

Lisi Lake is a great place to relax from the city’s noise. Located on the outskirts of Tbilisi. Some incorrectly call him Fox Lake, probably associating with foxes because of a consonant name in Russian (fox – lisa). Although it owes its name not to this red predator, but to the swamp grass “lisi” that grows along the banks.

Lisi Lake is furnished for relaxation. In summer, you can sunbathe on the beach or swim, rent a boat and catamaran. Tbilisi residents take blankets with them and have a picnic in the trees shade. There are also free exercise machines for keeping yourself fit. You can play table tennis, archery, and go-kart is located here. For the little ones playground is built. Nearby are cafes, vending machines with water and ice cream, snacks. A two-lane (cycling and pedestrian zone) asphalt road with a length of 3 km with benches on the sides is laid around the lake.

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