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How To Keep Your Hygiene Maintained During The COVID-19

8th Jul 2020

In these trying and challenging times, the greatest wealth that everyone has is health. With the ongoing fight against the pandemic crisis, it is not surprising why many people have heightened their eagerness to learn and understand more about taking care of their health and wellness.

Although foods and lifestyle also play huge roles in it, your hygiene also plays an integral part to keep yourself safe and away from the risks of contracting the virus. That being said, here are some points that you may check in order to maintain proper hygiene.

• Maintain Social/Physical Distancing

Social or physical distancing is a great way to minimize the risk of obtaining the novel coronavirus. This is the main reason why experts and health institutions have put strict guidelines for citizens to follow it. This is very true not only in the United States but, to the rest of the world, as well.

Distancing yourself from people and other things outside your home is one of the best ways to maintain your hygiene. The reason being is that you avoid direct contact from others apart from yourself, which eliminates almost all possibilities of obtaining any risk.

While it can be quite challenging at times to follow distancing and isolating protocols, just keep in mind that this will keep you and your family safe from any virus or disease-causing bacteria.

• Maintain Oral Hygiene

Hand washing is another best way to maintain hygiene. But, aside from your hands, you need to ensure your safety and security, as well, through your mouth.

Remember, novel coronavirus-contaminated things like kitchen utensils and other materials pose the same risks as the direct person-to-person contamination. So, you need to make sure that you always keep your mouth clean.

In order to do so, proper oral and dental hygiene must be observed. It need not be the teeth cleaning services you ask from dentists. Just follow the right and proper steps to cleaning your teeth on your own, and you are already good to go.

• Hygiene of Nasal Passages

Despite practicing distancing measures, individuals can still contract the virus by inhaling some of the virus’ particles. This is why masks are always encouraged, in fact, even required, especially when going outside.

But, even though you always don masks and face coverings, you must still observe proper hygiene for your nasal passages. Ensure that you regularly clean your nose, especially before and after going out of the house. The same still applies if you stay at home to observe self-isolation.

Also, when taking a bath, you can effectively clean your nose and nasal passages with the use of water and soap. But, if cleaning them from time to time, use clean cloth or tissue papers. Whatever you use, though, just ensure that it is clean and safe.

• Brush Your Teeth To Reduce Bacteria In Your Mouth

Amid the COVID-19 crisis or not, maintaining dental hygiene by brushing your teeth is a must. Keep in mind that bacteria can stay in the corners and spaces of your teeth. And some bacteria are harmful that it may even result in diseases and health complications.

To avoid these scenarios, make sure to brush your teeth twice or thrice a day. You can do this when you wake up, mid-day, and before going to sleep, prior to flossing. You may also brush your teeth every after meals.

But, it is worth noting that brushing alone is not enough. You have to make sure that you practice the right and safe steps when brushing and cleaning your teeth and mouth.

• Cover Your Mouth

In keeping and maintaining proper hygiene, especially today when the fight against the pandemic crisis is still not over, you must always cover your mouth with the right coverings. As much as possible, choose to don masks that can filter dust, dirt, bacteria, and virus.

An N95 mask and an earloop surgical mask therefore can be the most useful masks. Many studies have shown that these masks can filter out up to 98% of bacterial and particulate matter between 0.1 and 0.3 microns in size. Moreover, these masks can be ideal for both medical professionals and civilians who are looking to contain the spread of harmful particles and bacteria. However, if you are not able to source one, then cloth masks and other mouth coverings can also work.

The new normal today is you cannot enter several stores and shops without masks. Hence, you must never forget to bring one, especially when going out of the house.

• Keep Proper Hand and Respiratory Hygiene

As stated, hand washing steps and tips have become much more evident these days. With the increasing number of COVID-19 cases, both the newly infected and deaths, it is not surprising why experts have largely cited the importance of washing hands.

As much as possible, always clean and wash your hands with water and soap. And in doing so, ensure to wash for more than 20 seconds to cover all parts, from fingertips to the palm. If you know you’ll be traveling anywhere by any means, then to take extra precautions you may wish to stock up on protective gloves by looking at Unigloves and other websites that can provide you with the necessary protection through COVID-19.

Also, aside from your hands, you must pay attention, as well, to your respiratory system. One of the best ways to maintain it at its optimum functionalities is to stop smoking if ever you are a smoker. It could help to find smoke-free alternatives that are easily available to buy online and give the same nicotine intake but avoid the toxic smoke that might lead to impaired lung function. You must also observe the air quality in your surroundings, particularly in your home to ensure your respiratory hygiene.

Final Thoughts

All in all, COVID-19 is, indeed, a threat. It has already affected millions of lives across the globe. While fighting it these days is very daunting and challenging, observing your personal hygiene properly will already seal the deal to keep you and your family safe. Remember, though, that observation is not enough. Proper execution is also a must.

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