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How to Keep Your Granite Worktops Clean

8th Jan 2016

Granite worktops are more durable and resilient, but a bit more expensive as well, which is why you should take excellent care of your investment. These worktops are exceptional in appearance and will give your kitchen or bathroom the elegant look that you want for your home. If you clean them and take good care of them, they will remain beautiful for many years to come. Let’s review some helpful tips for keeping your granite looking as beautiful as it was on installation day.


  1. One of the first things that you should remember is to avoid using abrasive and acidic cleaning solutions on your granite worktops. To be safe you should ask your supplier what they recommend to use to clean your granite; perhaps they have a special product that is specifically designed for granite. If you prefer to use your own cleaning products, be sure to read the labels so that you can determine if any of the ingredients are harmful to your worktop. A step that you can take if you are not sure is to apply the cleaning product on a small portion of your granite in a hidden place so that it won’t make a great deal of difference if the product won’t work as you expect it to.
  2. You should make an effort to dust your granite worktops every day. Take a microfibre cloth, add a little water, and wipe down your worktops each day after your meal preparation has ended. Never use vinegar since it is very acidic and can degrade the polish on your surface.
  3. Should a stain develop on your granite, use a baking soda and water combination to form a paste. Rub this paste all over the stain, wait about twenty four hours, and then use hot water to remove the paste. If the stain isn’t entirely removed, repeat the process and then contact your supplier for their suggestions for what to do next.
  4. Finally, you should polish the granite surface after you clean the worktop or treat any stains. Use a soft cloth, saturated with hot water, and wipe the surface clean three or four times. Then take a towel to absorb any moisture that is left behind. Polishing your worktop at least once a week will help to prevent waxy build-ups that can detract from the shine and appearance of your granite. You should also keep your granite sealed to prevent stains from setting in and damage from occurring to your worktop. Ask your supplier what they would recommend, if you can do it yourself, or if you need to hire a professional to seal the granite for you. Using a sealer protects your granite worktop and keeps it looking just like new. Be sure that you enquire about sealing granite when it’s first installed and about how often you need to have it sealed to keep it shiny and beautiful.

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